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Škoda Group and Speno International partner to integrate ETCS in rail vehicles

Škoda Group has formed a strategic partnership with Speno International, experts in railway track and turnout reprofiling solutions. This collaboration is centred around system integration engineering and authorization services to introduce the European Train Control System (ETCS) to 15 of Speno's yellow fleet vehicles. With this new contract Škoda is expanding to Switzerland as a new country for the group.

ACS Sensors News

Precision sensor technology for microgravity research

Researchers in need of conducting a scientific experiment in zero gravity have a choice: They could pack it onto a satellite or the International Space Station, or take it on a special plane – a parabolic flight that achieves nearweightlessness.Or they could save a lot of hassle, expense and fuel to conduct their experiment on the ground – for instance at the Bremen Drop Tower, a research lab offering the world’s most advanced microgravity conditions.

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