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Success in Power Electronics Integration to Power HVAC in Trams

Our valued customer, a prominent manufacturer of HVAC systems for the railway industry, partnered with Jordi Ribalta, our Sales and Business Development Manager, to embark on a journey of engineering excellence.

Siemens News


The new trains, which were manufactured by Stadler and Siemens, have entered service successively since the beginning of 2021, and have been operating on lines S41, S42, S46, S47 and S8 since then.

CER News

The Greening Freight Transport Package should be kept together

CER, ERFA and UIRR call on the European Parliament and the European Council to maintain the package approach when considering the legislative proposals in the ‘Greening Freight Transport Package’ (GFTP) tabled by the European Commission on 11 July.

Premium Power News

What is the MTBF of a power supply unit?

MTBF stands for “Mean Time Between Failures,” and it is a measure of the average time that can be expected between the failures of a particular component or system.

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