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Viper Innovations News

Autumn Statement Response from Viper Innovations – Investing Wisely to Reap Rewards

Uncertainty has been the watchword for the UK Rail Industry for what seems like years. Changes in Government strategy, global pandemics, and the resulting changes to working practices have all contrived to make life in rail difficult. However, recently we have seen Covid recovery for the railway being evidenced with the return to use of the trains.

Ricardo News

Succesfull Belgian test campaign FLIRT3 train set with Ricardo SMART

The FLIRT3 Limburg multi-system trainsets from Stadler will be operating in Belgium end 2023. Stadler has requested Ricardo Certification to test and certify the trainsets against the requirements applicable in Belgium.


CPK starts designing the first high-speed railway line in Poland

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) has signed contracts for the design of the railway line, which is the first element of the new railway network and at the same time the first section of the first high-speed railway line in Poland. The contractors were selected under the largest framework contract for this type of service in Europe.


HyperloopTT to Become First Public Company Focused on the Next Generation of High-Speed Mobility

Strong relationships with the United States Department of Transportation ("USDOT") and the European Commission's Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport ("DG MOVE") have resulted in legislative and regulatory advancements and opened pathways to expedite commercialization.


Alstom will provide maintenance for Line 2 of the Panama Metro

Alstom, has signed a new maintenance contract with the Panama Metro (MPSA) which includes preventive and corrective maintenance of the rolling stock, signalling and power supply system of Line 2 of the Panama Metro. The 21 km viaduct line can transport 16,000 passengers per hour in each direction and designed for a horizon-year capacity of more than 40,000 passengers per hour in one direction, since April 2019 with maintenance services.

VR Group News

VR FleetCare supplied City Transport Ltd with a tunnel cleaning wagon

As the number of kilometres in the metro tunnel has increased fourfold, Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd has invested in more efficient maintenance equipment. Sustainability was the starting point for the procurement of the new tunnel cleaning wagon; it is environmentally friendly as it is built on top of a recycled frame and it uses only biodegradable and ecological washing agents. The new tunnel cleaning wagon was supplied to City Transport Ltd by VR FleetCare.

Rail Cargo Group News

RCG is expanding TransNET in China and to the Balkans

ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) is expanding TransNET – in China and to the Balkans – and highlighting the system relevance of rail transport at the second RCG press conference.

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