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Bombardier News

Bombardier to modernize S-Bahn Stuttgart’s 430 and 423 series fleets as commissioned by Deutsche Bahn Regio AG

Global mobility solution provider Bombardier Transportation has been awarded a contract by Deutsche Bahn (DB) to modernize their current S-Bahn Stuttgart fleet consisting of 423 and 430 series trains. The modernization will increase passenger comfort considerably.


Alstom wins the contract to design, build and maintain the transport system for Toulouse Metropole's third metro line

Alstom has been awarded the contract by Toulouse Metropole for the system for the third and new 27 km metro line, called Toulouse Aerospace Express, for the sum of more than €470 M. The contract could eventually be worth €713 M, including all options. The line consists of 21 stations and will serve the aviation labour pool.

Ardanuy News

Ardanuy Ingenieria to electrify Estonia’s railway network

The Joint Venture comprised of the Spanish engineering companies, Ardanuy and Ayesa, has been awarded the electrification project for the Estonian rail network. The project is being managed by the Estonian railway authority, Esti Raudtee (EVR).

Stadler News

Stadler will manufacture locomotives for Uruguay

Marking its first order in Uruguay, Stadler has signed a contract with PORTREN SA to supply seven locomotives for the freight railway it will operate for the Finnish bio-tech business, UPM, in their new factory.


Alstom completes interlocking work between Section 1-5 on Eskisehir-Kutahya-Balikesir railway line

All Interlocking system works in the first 182 km long 5 sections including Telecommunications and Traffic Control Center (CTC) have been completed and commissioned on December the 4th, 2020.The project of 328-km long mainline signaling project work is continuing with the target to open the whole line by end 2021.

Geismar News

Ferromex - increased confidence in GEISMAR for the development of rail transport in Mexico

As the leading private manager and operator of the rail network in Mexico for the transport of freight (ore, chemicals, agri-food products) between the United States and the Mexico’s main strategic industries and ports, Ferromex (Ferrocarril Mexicano) has strengthened its confidence in GEISMAR technologies by investing massively in small machines to maintain the tracks. This is a great reward for the GEISMAR North America subsidiary, which has had a close relationship with Ferromex for many years.

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