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CER News

Rail Sector expresses dismay with outcome of vote on Weights & Dimensions Directive

The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) has expressed dismay with today's vote in the TRAN Committee of the European Parliament on the revision of the road vehicle Weights & Dimensions Directive (WDD), in particular its uncoupling from the ongoing revision of the Combined Transport Directive.

MAE news

Wheel, Axle, Wheelset: We Join Safety-Relevant Components

When train manufacturers, operators or maintenance companies assess component risks as part of the implementation of CSM-RA and EN 50126, they quickly come to the wheel disc and axle or as a joined assembly to the wheelset.

Tesmec News

Tesmec presents "Teo - Tesmec Evolution Onwards"

Tesmec is pleased to present "Teo - Tesmec Evolution Onwards," a new innovative digital eco-system dedicated to the world of stringing.

Stadler News

SBB orders five more Giruno trains from Stadler

SBB orders five additional Giruno high-speed trains from Stadler for the planned expansion of its international services to Italy.

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