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EXO News

Exo receives its first delivery of new train cars

Exo, the public transit network serving the North and South Shores of Montréal, is about to receive the first two units from a total order of 44 new train cars

InnoTrans News

InnoTrans Podcast: How air-conditioning systems are becoming more sustainable

Complex air-conditioning systems on trains and buses make sure the temperature and ventilation is just right. In the podcast, Dr. Wolfgang Reuter, chairman of Konvekta AG, explains how air-conditioning can help to reduce energy consumption, minimise the environmental impact and ensure an optimum passenger experience. The episode is available online from 08 February 2022.

Tallano Technologie News

Tallano Technologie, French start-up pioneer in the fight against air pollution from brakes, awarded by the City of Seoul

Tallano Technologie, a French start-up founded by Christophe Rocca-Serra to protect the health of metropolitan residents from fine brake particles, was awarded the first prize in the prestigious Seoul Global Challenge on December 2021

Thales News

TER Dakar: a whole range of expertise and technologies to revive Senegal's rail transport system

After a project lasting five years, Dakar's regional rail link (Train Express Régional – TER) has just been inaugurated and brought into operation. Led by EQUANS and Thales, the consortium behind the project drew on a range of innovative solutions and smart systems to support Senegal in its transition to more virtuous modes of transport that offer higher economic, societal and environmental performance. The next stage in the programme is the construction of the second section of the TER to extend the line to the Blaise Diagne international airport.

Mosmetro News

10 stations of the Moscow Central Diameters will be opened in 2022

In 2022 it is planned to build and reconstruct 10 stations on the prospective and existing Moscow Central Diameters (MCD). From some of the new stations it will be possible to make an interchange to the metro, the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) and other diameters.

VR Group News

VR Group's new diesel locomotive begins test runs in Finland – the low-emissions locomotive strengthens operational reliability in freight traffic

The first new Dr19 locomotive has arrived in Finland and is now starting extensive test runs. The tests ensure the functionality of the locomotive on the Finnish railway network. VR Group has ordered 60 new diesel locomotives from Stadler. They will mainly be used in freight traffic. The first new locomotives will be introduced into commercial traffic in 2023.

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