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World-First for Automatic Train Operation on Mainline Railway

Govia Thameslink Railway, working with Network Rail and Siemens, have scored a world-first by running Automatic Train Operation (ATO) over European Train Control System (ETCS) on the mainline railway in passenger service.

How Traceability Technology Can Help Reduce Copper Cable Theft

Line-side copper cable theft continues to blight the UK’s rail infrastructure. Aside from the cost implications, which can run into millions of pounds a year, it also has the potential to trigger highly unwelcome service disruptions.

British steel wins major german rail contract

British Steel has secured a major German rail contract after enhancing its manufacturing capabilities with a seven-figure investment.

California High-Speed Rail: Connecting the Golden State

Nearly a decade ago, at the height of the worst economic recession experienced by the United States since the Great Depression of the 1930s, millions of jobs were lost, house prices plummeted, unemployment rose significantly and the U.S. stock market tumbled almost 50 percent.

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