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German Transport Minister Launches Additional Rail Projects

The German Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, BMVI, has announced that the transport minister Andreas Scheuer has presented many new rail projects that are to be given priority in planning and implementation in the coming years.

SKF Partners with Siemens to Improve Railway Reliability

Condition monitoring and cloud-based data acquisition platforms are set to revolutionise the way railway operators address their asset management obligations.

Alstom to Showcase Digital Mobility Solutions at SmartCity Expo World Congress

The SmartCity Expo World Congress, which will take place in Barcelona, Spain, on 13–15 November, is a rail show that will focus on five key areas: digital transformation, urban environment, mobility, governance and finance, and inclusive and sharing cities.

Stadler Presents New FLIRT Akku for the First Time

The media got to see the FLIRT Akku, the battery-powered version of Stadler’s FLIRT series, for the first time last week. It is both energy-efficient and quiet. In addition, it is flexible as it can be deployed on routes that are not fully electrified and even on routes that are not electrified at all.

Africa’s Largest Train Manufacturing Plant Opens in Dunnottar

The largest and most cutting-edge train manufacturing facility in Africa was opened today by the Alstom-led Gibela joint venture in Dunnottar, South Africa. The official opening was performed by South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa.

Alstom to Deliver 15 Coradia Polyvalent Trains to Senegal

Alstom is about to ship fifteen of its modular Coradia Polyvalent regional trains to Senegal on the West African coast. They have been manufactured at the company’s Reichshoffen facility in France. The trains have also successfully completed on-site testing and approval by the buyer, APIX.


India to seek Japanese experts to develop bullet train stations

Indian officials will seek expert Japanese consultation to develop areas surrounding 12 proposed bullet train stations on the 508km Rs1100bn ($14.91bn) Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed train route to improve connectivity.

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