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Driverless Metro Booming in China

Ling Fang, the Managing Director of Alstom’s division in China & East Asia, tells Railway-News how her company is keeping up with the development of driverless metro systems.

Level Crossings: The Safest Approach?

After the recent fatalities involving Brightline trains on the Florida East Coast Railroad, Railway-News asks what the industry can do to eliminate trespassing on the tracks and reduce fatalities.

New BSP41 to easily identify electrical panels

Well identified wires, cables and components give you an immediate insight into how an electrical panel works and how it is connected. Electrical panels can now be identified more efficiently with the new BSP41 Wire & Panel Identification Printer.

Too Big to Fail?’ The Collapse of Carillion and the Impact on Rail

‘Too big to fail?’ The last time the implications of this complex economic theory was appearing in the national media the world was in the midst of the banking crisis of 2008; the idea that any organisation was so large and powerful that it was impossible for it to collapse was superseded by a bitter realisation that for many organisations, spreading themselves too thinly increased the risk of collapse along with the size of the hole in an industry after they do disappear from the market.

Alstom to Supply New Low-Floor Trams to Bordeaux Metropole

Alstom is to supply 10 additional Citadis trams to Bordeaux Metropole for a total amount of nearly €30 million as part of the optional order for the Bordeaux Phase III project, which was notified on 29 August 2011.

Join the 155,000+ IMP followers