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Railcare Group News

Railcare has received an order for 6 million SEK for machine parts from Loram

Railcare has received an order for 6 million SEK from Loram for machine parts, namely power packs for a Railvac in Brazil for delivery in November 2021. Loram is a North American railway company with which Railcare has had a business relationship since 2000.


Is automatic coupling on freight wagon will become reality?

In recent times, much attention is paying to the automatic coupling of freight wagons, as has long been the case with Dmus and Emus. But why has Europe fallen so far behind?

Stadler News

185-Kilometre Range: Stadler Successfully Concludes "Battery Technology" Research Project with theFLIRTAkku

Stadler has successfully completed the research project launched in 2018 to develop and test battery technologies in the railway vehicle sector after a three-year research phase. The project was funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and developed jointly with TU Berlin and EWE AG. The vehicle, designed as a test carrier, far exceeded initial expectations during the three-year trial phase with a proven range in battery-only mode of 185 kilometres.

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