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Siemens News

Siemens Mobility to modernize the largest freight rail yard in the Netherlands

Siemens Mobility has been awarded a €110 million contract by ProRail B.V. to modernize and optimize the Kijfhoek freight railyard, the largest yard in the Netherlands and a vital link between the Rotterdam ports and major industrial areas in Europe.

GATX Rail Europe News

Steps to Introduce DAC in Europe

The introduction of the Digital Automated Coupling (DAC) will enable efficient, competitive and transparent rail freight transport in Europe. It is also a prerequisite to meet the environmental goals in the European transport sector. GATX experts are actively involved in making this initiative become reality.


Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC)

It will reduce carbon footprint, while increasing safety and performance


Powering railways into the future

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and what it means for the rail industry.


A new step forward for the autonomous train in France

Two and a half years after a consortium was launched to develop the prototype of an autonomous regional train in France, SNCF and its partners Alstom, Bosch, Spirops, Thales and the Railenium Technology Research Institute are putting their test train into operation.

GB Freight News

GBRf calls for the appointment of a ‘Freight Evangelist’ as Rail White Paper is published

GB Railfreight, one of the UK’s leading transport companies and the fastest growing rail freight operator, has called for the appointment of a new dedicated rail freight ‘guiding mind’ to steer the sector through the next phase in order to assure future growth, particularly following the COVID-19 crisis.

Join the 155,000+ IMP followers