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New eBook launched to help transport operators enhance their surveillance and security

Transport operators are facing growing challenges. They need to keep services running on time amid continually changing restrictions, and factor in security, health & safety, emerging technology, and amenities.

New eBook launched to help transport operators enhance their surveillance and security

The eBook ‘Data-Driven Transport Surveillance and Security’, produced by Synectics, looks at these challenges and provides a guide to best practice solutions and approaches for tackling them using data integration and analysis.

It explains how operators can connect surveillance technology with other data sources to deliver a complete picture of operations and manage responses to any given scenario.

Dr Kerstin Wendt, Regional Manager at Synectics, is a contributing editor. She said: “Just imagine something going wrong with turnstiles just as a nearby sports event finishes. Passengers will of course be frustrated at not being able to get home, but there’s also a potential crush risk. By harnessing data, an open architecture system can detect the turnstiles have gone down via an access control alert, notify the maintenance team to inspect and fix the problem, and dispatch a customer liaison team to the turnstiles.

“This is just one example of how the right solution can support staff with decision making, safety and even passenger satisfaction. But operators need to know the options available to them to capitalize on the opportunities data integration presents. Which is why we thought developing this e-book was so important.”

The eBook contains advice for operators on:

  • The range of systems and data sources that can be unified on a single unified platform, and why this is beneficial
  • Automating management of day-to-date tasks and response protocols
  • Using analytics to help improve risk detection and even drive revenue generation
  • Safeguarding data and evidencing responsible data management
  • Enabling efficient collaboration between staff members, teams and external agencies such as the emergency services through secure data-sharing

To download the Data-Driven Transport Surveillance and Security eBook, click here.

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