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Clayton Hybrid CBD90 7.25″ and larger gauges built by Large Scale Locomotives

The Clayton Equipment CBD90 is a battery – Diesel hybrid, Bo-Bo, 90 tonne locomotive for shunting applications.

Clayton Hybrid CBD90 7.25″ and larger gauges built by Large Scale Locomotives

It is becoming the shunter of choice, rapidly replacing the ’08’ shunters in the UK due to its Zero emissions, low noise, low maintenance and ease of operation.

Battery charging can be via a depot 3-phase supply complete emission free performance, and/or via the onboard low emission Diesel generator for operating in more remote locations.

Variants are available between 1.35 tonnes and 150 tonnes, but the CBD90 is the most popular choice, with Tata Steel, Sellafield and Beacon Rail purchasing 24 so far since its launch in March 2019.

Large Scale Locomotives Ltd
Each bogie is fitted with a 1HP 24v motor with chain drive to all axles. Driven by an industry standard PWM motor controller and two large leisure batteries.

This great passenger hauling locomotive would be at home on a garden or a fantastic addition to any club locomotive fleet.

A choice of liveries are available;

Large Scale Locomotives will be offering these locomotives for pre-order for the first time, with delivery scheduled around November/December 2021.

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