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The continuous-improvement process, that has always distinguished WEGH Group through the years, has led to a further major innovation in WEGH Group production plant. The plant, located in Calcinate (BG), is designed to the production of concrete sleepers for the most important Italian players in the railway sector.


The plant, already characterized by a high level of automation, has been recently equipped with an innovative automatic bottom heading machine.

Designed and developed by WEGH Group with the cooperation of the Plant & Equipment Division thanks to decades of technical know-how in the sector, the new bottom heading machine provides the manufacturing of the reinforcement cages composed by steel wires and anchor plates for the transfer of the prestress.

Inserted into the Carousel production method for the sleepers’ production, Wegh’s automatic bottom heading machine is able to process wires with diameters ranging from 7 to 9,4 mm with a length (under head) from 1720 to 2720 mm, guaranteeing an effective production of 1 cage every 13 seconds.

The bottom heading machine is fully automated, managed by a modern dedicated PLC and a supervision system, configured for a remote assistance, in line with the directives dictated by Indutry 4.0.

The machine, designed according to the machinery directive 2006/42 / ce, is composed of:
  • automatic wire loader;
  • hydraulic bearing heads with hydraulic accumulator and locking jaws;
  • automatic palletizer.
The bottom heading machine, integrated in the line, optimizes the entire production process of WEGH Group plant in Calcinate (BG).

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