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SBB orders 60 double-deck trains from Stadler

SBB is ordering a further 60 InterRegio double-deck trains from Stadler for approx. CHF 1.3 billion. In doing so, SBB is creating sufficient capacity for the expansion of its regional service offer and fulfilling the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act on its long-distance services. SBB is exercising an existing option to procure the 60 new trains.

SBB orders 60 double-deck trains from Stadler

By procuring 60 InterRegio double-deck trains (IR double-decker), SBB is strengthening its existing fleet with a tried-and-tested vehicle type. 41 of the vehicles will help to replace the old fleet and to fulfil the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) on long-distance services. This includes the requirement for barrier-free boarding of trains for persons with reduced mobility by the end of 2023. 19 of the vehicles will also be used to reduce capacity bottlenecks for regional services in the Zurich region and the French-speaking part of Switzerland, to facilitate the expansion of SBB’s service offer and to provide greater comfort. The first vehicles will be in use as off timetable 2024.

SBB already has 93 IR and RE double-deck vehicles in its possession and is exercising an existing option to procure the 60 new vehicles.

Bicycle spaces, multifunctional compartments and power sockets
The IR double decker isa multiple unit train and offers 466 seats over a train length of 150 metres. The low-floor design facilitates barrier-free boarding for all passengers. The interior corresponds to the standard in long-distance services and offers 2:1 seating in 1st class. There are power sockets, easily accessible bicycle spaces, multifunctional compartments with space for pushchairs, plenty of toilet facilities and a modern information system available throughout the train. Stadler calls the IR double-decker a “comfortable innovative speedy S-Bahn train” (“komfortabler innovativer spurtstarker S-Bahn-Zug” or “KISS” in German).

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