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SanLucar chooses sustainability and boards the train for the first time with Transfesa Logistics

The SanLucar fruit and vegetable company, one of the largest in the world, is turning to sustainable goods transport for its exports. For the first time in its history, it is taking its produce to Germany by train, in the company of the Transfesa Logistics express refrigerated railway service.

SanLucar chooses sustainability and boards the train for the first time with Transfesa Logistics

This choice by SanLucar is in line with its firm commitment to provide the most natural, fresh and flavoursome fruit and vegetables. And to be proud of the way they are doing it.

Transfesa Logistics has started to provide a new express refrigerated rail service from Spain to Germany for the SanLucar company. For the first time in its history, one of the world’s largest distributors of fruit and vegetables is to send its exports by train.

During this initial phase, Transfesa Logistics will be sending one container of fresh produce for SanLucar per week from Valencia to Cologne on a 48-hour journey. The aim is to gradually increase the load, depending on results. In comparison with road haulage, this itinerary entails a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions.

This decision amounts to an important modal shift in logistics in the agri-food sector because this group is one of the largest wholesale distributors in the world. With over 3,200 employees from 30 nations, every day it sells about 610,000 kgs of 90 varieties of fruit and vegetables from 35 producer countries on five continents.

SanLucar is aware of the need to act to protect the environment and is thus taking a step further in its firm commitment towards sustainability. By using the Transfesa Logistics express transport service, the company aims to make a significant reduction to its carbon footprint and to design an environment-friendly, emissions-free logistics chain.

As stated by the SanLucar Transport Manager, Jasmin Hiesberger, “Our mission is to supply fruit and vegetables in the best way possible, guaranteeing at all times its freshness and flavour. One of our main commitments is to maintain the quality of our produce until it reaches its destination, following our philosophy of “Taste in harmony with people and nature”. About the new connection with Germany, she adds, “The services provided by Transfesa Logistics provide a sustainable solution using transport by rail, so we have decided to carry out the first trials using this mode of transport”.

At Transfesa Logistics, Large Accounts Manager Pedro Ramos has expressed his satisfaction with the launch of this new service: “We are delighted that more and more large companies like SanLucar are opting for rail. This is great news for rail transport of fresh goods to key countries such as Germany, one of the group’s largest markets.”

According to Ramos, express railway routes for refrigerated products such as the route to Cologne are very competitive and sustainable. High quality standards guarantee fast delivery, in just 48 hours, allowing products to reach their destination with maximum freshness and with the additional advantage of helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

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