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Eiffage wins contracts worth almost €97 million to develop the Grand Paris Express stations La Courneuve Six-Routes and Le Blanc-Mesnil

Eiffage, through its subsidiaries Eiffage Construction and Eiffage Énergie Systèmes, won contracts from the Société du Grand Paris, worth almost €97 million, to develop as general contractor the La Courneuve Six-Routes and Le Blanc-Mesnil stations, as well as several infrastructure service centres.

Eiffage wins contracts worth almost €97 million to develop the Grand Paris Express stations La Courneuve Six-Routes and Le Blanc-Mesnil

The works will be carried out by the two Group entities in partnership and will begin when Eiffage Génie Civil completes the major structural works for the first Grand Paris Express Line 16 works package it was awarded in 2018.

Located at the heart of the Six Routes district, the future La Courneuve station will be one of three stations to accommodate both lines 16 and 17 of the new metro, and will serve as a connection with the T1 tram line. The contract includes redevelopment of the station and its five infrastructure service centres.

The 6,263 square-metre station, designed by the Chartier Dalix architect agency and built by Eiffage Construction, will feature a distinctive façade and planted roof evocative of the nearby Georges-Valbon Park.

The contract also includes the installation of technical equipment as well as the supervision by the Eiffage Énergie Systèmes teams of the following electrical works packages. The high-voltage package includes the supply and fitting of all lighting, fixtures and power supplies; the low voltage package covers access control, video surveillance, central monitoring, telephones and intercom, computer network infrastructure as well as public address and fire safety systems; the HVAC package includes heating, cooling, ventilation, extraction; and pipework.

For Le Blanc-Mesnil, the contract covers the station itself, which will be served by Grand Paris Express Line 16, plus six infrastructure service centres. The greenhouses and kiosks of public parks inspire the 5,600 square-metre station, designed by Berranger & Vincent Architectes and built by Eiffage Construction. Wooden canopies fitted behind the glass and metal walls will filter light reaching the platforms. The teams from Eiffage Énergie Systèmes will provide the same services as for La Courneuve Six-Routes station.

The two stations, which are expected to serve 34,000 and 18,000 passengers per day respectively, are due to be commissioned in 2024.

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