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World’s first rail compliant wireless mobile charging to debut in UK Share



Commercial interior solutions provider Baker Bellfield, in partnership with Aircharge, is set to launch a rail compliant inductive phone wireless charging system on South Western Railway (SWR) trains in the UK.

The wireless charging system will be introduced on SWR’s refurbished class 444 Siemens Desiro five-car EMUs, which will operate on London Waterloo-Weymouth route.

Once the whole fleet is refurbished, all 172 SWR Desiro trains will feature the Aircharge-Baker Bellfield wireless charging solution.

With mobile phones becoming an essential part of personal and business purposes, the introduction of the charger will enable passengers to keep their devices fully powered while travelling.

It will be available integrated into tables in the SWR first-class carriages. Passengers can charge their devices by placing it onto the charger without connecting it with a cable.

“It will be available integrated into tables in the SWR first-class carriages.”

The solution utilises the universal standard for wireless charging, Qi, and is compatible with more than 130 Qi certified smartphone models.

Baker Bellfield business development manager Robert Wilkin said: “Wireless charging represents the future of charging mobile devices, and the partnership with Aircharge will allow us to create a new standard for the railway rolling stock sector and beyond.”

Designed specifically for deployment in rolling stock, the wireless charging system is said to be resistant to water and dust. It also complies with all necessary railway applications and standards.

It also offers placement flexibility, enabling integration with various interior rail coach components, including tables, panels, window panels and grab rails.

Accordingly, the use of the wireless charging solution can be expanded into standard class carriages and other railway vehicles in future.

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