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SIMOVE, a speed monitoring system for Light Rail

SIMOVE, a speed monitoring system for Light Rail vehicles to prevent accidents due

to excessive speed, successfully implemented in Tenerife’s tramways.

SIMOVE, Speed Monitoring and Control Safety System, allows the operator to

continuously monitor and control the speed of its vehicles combining GPS reporting

and the vehicle’s odometer, to compare the position and speed of any railway vehicle

with the appropriate speed for any given section of the line.

If excess speed is detected, SIMOVE immediately alerts the driver by means of a

speedometer inside the cabin and an audible alarm. In the event the emergency speed

is reached, the system would automatically apply the emergency brake to stop the

vehicle, preventing human errors leading to hazardous situations.

The system can be installed in any vehicle easily, does not interfere with other

onboard systems, is effective in any topology and has a very reasonable cost.

Furthermore SIMOVE uses a simple technology that makes it easy to use for drivers.

SIMOVE is equipped with a powerful back-office web application to analyze the data

stored, becoming a powerful tool for the railway operator to monitor aspects such as

traffic signal priority, time spent at stops and termini, commercial speed per line

section, quality of driving in terms of braking and acceleration consistency,

accelerations module to analyze passengers comfort and falling due to jerk, etc.

Moreover, this is a key tool in order to detect speeding not detected before and to

produce statistics to evaluate driving behavior.

SIMOVE has been successfully tested in the Tenerife’s tramways (Metrotenerife) and

was installed in its entire fleet at the beginning of 2016. The system is

customizable depending on the operator needs and at the present time, there are

other railway operators interested in implementing it in its networks. SIMOVE was

recently presented to the main British operators and Madrid West Light Metro (MLO)

is implementing the pilot phase previous to deploy it on its entire fleet.

SIMOVE was developed 3 years ago in order to mitigate accidents where light rail

vehicles overturn on curves due to excessive speed as for instance Valencia (Spain)

in 2006.

Taking advantage of the powerful back-office web application that analyses the data

stored, Metrotenerife is developing another feature that allows using the analysis

results to improve the energy management, considering factors as the speed, driving

behaviours and energy consumption.

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