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Icomera Redefines Onboard Communication

A New Era in Transportation Connectivity: Icomera Redefines Onboard Communication with FirstNet-Certification.

Icomera Redefines Onboard Communication

As transportation agencies across the country look to modernize their services and infrastructure, Icomera’s X7 5G mobile access router is FirstNet certified – the only network built with and for America’s first responders. The X7 is now FirstNet Capable®, which means it can tap into specialized capabilities of the FirstNet network and meet the high standards of reliability and security required by first responders and public safety officials.

Certifying the Icomera X7 as a FirstNet device means transportation providers benefit from being able to connect to a dedicated, high-speed network prioritized for emergency responders, ensuring reliable and secure communication in critical situations.

Rather than depending solely on one carrier for optimal coverage, the X7 integrates a multi-network aggregation protocol, a critical feature for rural areas. The X7 router, powered by SureWANTM technology, aggregates radio frequencies from multiple carriers, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. Even in regions with limited coverage, this technology maintains reliable connections by preserving all available networks, thus safeguarding continuous access to vital communication channels.

Johan Ekstedt, Head of Product Management at Icomera commented:

“Certifying a device for use on the FirstNet network requires significant time, cost, and long-term commitment. At Icomera, we believe this investment is worthwhile to access FirstNet’s capabilities. This technology represents a major step forward in delivering reliable and widespread connectivity in emergency response scenarios to public transportation providers.”

Product certification is pivotal in ensuring that transit agencies harness the full benefits of FirstNet. By guaranteeing that all components meet stringent standards, such as those undergone by the X7 before its approval for FirstNet use, agencies can trust in the reliability and security of their communication systems. This assurance extends to all aspects, from security and durability to network impacts, ensuring uninterrupted service even in challenging environments.

As regions expand and transit systems evolve, the importance of investing in certified hardware becomes increasingly clear. Certified equipment not only enhances reliability and coverage but also aligns with the mission of FirstNet to provide dedicated and prioritized communication for public safety and emergency responders. This investment is essential for creating a sustainable and thriving public transit system that can effectively serve communities, even in times of crisis.

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