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Plasser & Theurer: Retrofit for the Unimat 09-32/4S Dynamic in less than four months

After less than four months, the machine left Plasser & Theurer’s Life Cycle Service Competence Centre in Linz. It was back in operation immediately afterwards.

Plasser & Theurer: Retrofit for the Unimat 09-32/4S Dynamic in less than four months

STRABAG AG’s universal tamping machine has been in use for 13 years. After these intensive years of use, it was refurbished and retrofitted at the same time. Peter Schuckert, Head of Railway Construction Machinery, STRABAG AG: “We decided in favour of the retrofit at Plasser & Theurer mainly for two reasons. First, the expertise of the manufacturer, who knows the machines inside out, was important to us. They know which updates are possible and make sense. Plus, they know how to implement them. Second, it was also crucial to install original spare parts. They fit together perfectly and then everything works exactly as usual.”

Retrofit in the new Life Cycle Service Centre in Linz
Plasser & Theurer’s new Competence Centre was set up to create ideal working conditions for large projects such as retrofits. The available space is also suitable for larger machines, and the technical equipment is state-of-the-art. In December 2023, STRABAG AG’s Unimat 09-32/4S Dynamic arrived in Linz, where everything for the project had been prepared.

Standard refurbishments combined with important updates
The key point with retrofit projects is that a standard refurbishment is used at the same time to perform technical upgrades on the machine. The scope of the Unimat 09-32/4S Dynamic project included the following: Replacement of the tamping unit with a refurbished one with frequency control, replacement of the digital measurement recording system (DRP) with the latest version, and installation of the SmartALC Automatic Guiding Computer. In addition, the rear-view mirrors were replaced with rear-view cameras and new operator seats were installed with armrests equipped with new function switches. STRABAG AG employees who had serviced the DGS unit on their own were on site during the work.

Plasser & Theurer: Retrofit for the Unimat 09-32/4S Dynamic in less than four months

Roll-out after less than four months
The machine was handed over again on 9 March 2024, less than four months after the start of the project. Peter Schuckert: “An enormously short period of time for a project of this kind. We are very pleased. Every day we’re in operation means revenue. The Life Cycle Service Competence Centre in Linz is of course a major plus. It is easy and efficient to work in this kind of infrastructure. However, I personally believe that our ongoing collaboration is an additional advantage. You know from the outset what is really possible and you can also rely on your partner’s flexibility in case of emergencies.”

A retrofit project according to plan
Shortly after the handover, STRABAG’s Unimat 09-32/4S Dynamic was already back in operation: at Semmering, track maintenance had to be carried out and several turnouts on the construction site had to be tamped. Plasser & Theurer has thus provided further proof that retrofits not only meet the highest technical standards, but that project management also runs like clockwork ‒ exactly the way customers want it.

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