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SYSTRA continues to support the project for a new high-speed rail network in Egypt, with the first trial in Germany of the first high-speed train built by Siemens.

Egypt’s new high-speed network, Electric Express Train (EET), continues to develop. On 22 May 2024, the Egyptian authorities visited Siemens’ test and validation centre in Wegberg-Wildenrath, Germany, to see and inspect the first trains to leave the factory for the EET programme.

The Minister of Transport and Lieutenant General Kamel El Wazir was accompanied by a delegation from the National Authority for Tunnels (NAT) chaired by NAT Chairman Dr. Eng Tarek Hamed Gewaily, our client for the EET programme, Faiçal Chaabane, Senior Vice President Egypt and North Africa, and Siemens Mobility executives.

Accompanied by SYSTRA, the minister was given an explanation of all the stages and test procedures carried out by Siemens on each train that rolls off the line.He was also able to test drive the first Velaro high-speed trainset produced for the EET programme, before finalising the test procedures and shipping the train to Egypt. The highest levels of safety and operational reliability are expected, and particular attention is being paid to the passenger experience. Delivery of the first Velaro trainset to Egypt is scheduled for October 2024.

Already awarded the Project Management Consultancy contract for the Green Line from 2022, SYSTRA has been awarded new similar assignments for the Red Line and Blue Line at the end of 2023. This contract has just been signed by our consortium, with SYSTRA 65% leader and Egis 35% co-contractor.

The purpose of this contract is to manage and supervise the construction of the two lines, as Employer’s Representative on behalf of the National Tunnel Authority (NAT), a long-standing client of SYSTRA. Within the consortium, SYSTRA is in charge of managing, integrating, checking, supervising, coordinating, monitoring and facilitating the execution of the project with the support of our long-standing local partners Arab Consulting Engineers (ACE) and SHAKER Consultancy Group.

Together, we have 48 months to ensure the delivery of the Blue Line and the Red Line, which together total 1,325 km of line and 39 stations.

The rationale behind the new high-speed rail network sought by the Egyptian authorities is to provide the country and its visitors with a reliable, safe and sustainable mode of transport that will serve all the governorates, the main centres of activity and most of the country’s major cities on three lines. In total, the network is expected to cover almost 2,000 km of lines.

Its mixed tracks will accommodate regional trains, high-speed trains and freight trains, in order to encourage modal shift towards rail. Through this project, Egypt is seeking to create a new showcase and a unifying project that will create thousands of jobs, support economic growth and improve the daily lives of the entire population.

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