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CAF's signalling business will actively participate in upgrading the traffic control and signalling systems on the conventional, metric gauge and high speed networks of the Spanish Railway Infrastructure Administrator (ADIF).

On the conventional and metric gauge network, ADIF will upgrade the Ourense Traffic Control Centre and the fixed telecommunications and signalling systems on the Trubia and Collanzo section in Asturias (ADIF RAM line 764), remove the Telephone Block between Los Cotos and Cercedilla (line C9 of the Madrid commuter network), and finally complete the project, also in Asturias, to upgrade the fixed telecommunications and signalling systems between Trubia and San Esteban de Pravia, and between Pravia and Cudillero (ADIF RAM lines 762 and 740).

In addition to this, ADIF Alta Velocidad has also chosen CAF, this time in conjunction with FCC Industrial and Revenga Smart Solutions, to promote the Mediterranean Corridor with the execution of the project which includes drawing up the basic and construction projects, the execution of the works, the conservation and maintenance of the interlocking installations, the train protection system, CTC, auxiliary detection systems, fixed telecommunications and the power supply system on the Murcia-Almería high speed line and the Pulpí-Aguilas branch line.

It should be noted that CAF has also reached another important milestone in the signalling business with its first contract in the United Kingdom, winning third place in the ERTMS Level 2 digital signalling framework contract (Batch 2). This agreement is part of the plan to upgrade the UK's railway signalling systems which will be carried out by Network Rail, the company that owns and manages the infrastructure for most of the rail network in England, Scotland and Wales.

This is a ten-year plan with a budget of over €4.6bn, divided into two batches: conventional signalling with a budget of €1.17bn (batch 1) and digital signalling with a budget of €3.5bn (batch 2), which CAF will take part in. The main goal is to upgrade Britain’s rail infrastructure with cutting edge technology that will increase the capacity of the network, making operations more reliable and safer.

In collaboration with the British company AtkinsReális, CAF will install its state-of-the-art ERTMS level 2 technology and Quasar electronic interlockings through complete, scalable and interoperable ERTMS solutions, ultimately achieving high availability in safety-critical operations and catering for Network Rail's operational requirements.

The agreement will come to fruition over the next decade during which the chosen consortia will enter into various contracts to provide digital signalling services to upgrade Train Control Systems, securing CAF significant and ongoing business in the country over the coming years and positioning the company as one of the future suppliers of this type of service in the British market.

These contracts, both in Spain and the United Kingdom, consolidate CAF's position in the international railway signalling sector and confirm the company's commitment to growth in this field.

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