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Thales leads railway innovation in Finland with successful ETCS L2 trial track completion

The ETCS L2 implementation and utilization of 5G technology set a new standard for railway safety and efficiency in Finland and beyond.

Thales leads railway innovation in Finland with successful ETCS L2 trial track completion

In 2021, Thales was awarded a contract by the Finnish Transportation Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) to provide a new Signalling System to the train line Kouvola-Kotka/Hamina in Finland for test purpose only. This ETCS L2 trial track has been completed by Thales’ experts. Thales delivered in this project also the interlocking renewal which is in commercial operation since November 2023.

Thales's mission in the project was to implement the first ETCS L2 trial track in Finland, utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance railway safety and efficiency. The technical solution involved deploying trackside and onboard equipment, including radio communication according to Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) specifications.

Throughout the project, Thales initiated the design phase by convening technical working groups on both sides to delineate the requirements and specifications for ETCS Level 2 implementation. Additionally, Thales provided robust support to FTIA in establishing tailored training programs. Thales adeptly managed variation orders to accommodate evolving needs, while demonstrating unwavering commitment and passion in overseeing the Digirail digitalization program within an Integrated Program Team (IPT).

This project serves as a benchmark in railway signalling in Finland, laying a solid foundation for future deployment of ETCS Level 2 technology in the country, while significantly enhancing local expertise in ETCS technology.

“To deliver such complex and time critical projects requires a full committed team and a strong collaboration with the customer and all stakeholders. Applying the skills and knowledge at the right time ensured to achieve this exceptional performance. Many thanks to all the team,” said Niko Hoffmann, General Program Manager, Thales Finland

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