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Thales: Connecting the Australian city of Parramatta

The Parramatta Light Rail (PLR) project stands as one of Sydney's flagship mobility initiatives, addressing the escalating public transportation needs in the Greater Parramatta region.

Thales: Connecting the Australian city of Parramatta

Covering a 12km expanse, this dual-track light rail system seamlessly connects Westmead with Carlingford through the Parramatta Central Business District (CBD) and extends to Camellia via a double-track tram.

Despite challenges in integrating with the road network, especially on major arterial roads, the PLR project aims to reduce travel times and enhance daily commutes, benefiting thousands in and around Parramatta. With a projected daily ridership exceeding 28,000 passengers by 2026, it significantly contributes to improving the transportation landscape.

Beyond addressing transportation challenges, the PLR project promises substantial economic benefits for Parramatta, creating investment opportunities and jobs. Additionally, it plays a pivotal role in precinct renewal, fostering a more enjoyable and free-flowing circulation of people, knowledge, and resources within Greater Parramatta.

How did we respond ?
Thales was successfully awarded the contract in 2019, for the design and supply of IT based critical system demonstrating a competitive solution that upholds the highest safety standards, while meeting highly demanding technical requirements with a lightweight solution tailored for the tram context.

Thales: Connecting the Australian city of Parramatta

Our Central Control System (CCS, including SCADA) solutions, built upon the LRT solution, integrate various central command and control applications to streamline Parramatta LRT's overall management, along with additional operational systems such as service planning, network events logger, TfNSW’s Operational Data Real-time Exchange, Electronic Ticketing System, and Traffic Signalling System.

Our offering's strength lies in the maturity of our solutions, ensuring both safety and integration onboard and wayside over the years. With a dedicated focus on life cycle and cybersecurity management, our solution seamlessly meets daily operational requirements while aligning with modern processes mandated by the New South Wales (NSW) Government to mitigate cyber threats.

Furthermore, we are proud to have a dedicated, multicultural, and multi-skilled team based in Australia, supported by the competence center in Italy, reinforcing our commitment to successful project deployment and local support.

The Results
Expecting to open mid-2024, the Parramatta Light Rail will benefit from cutting-edge solution, resulting in a highly performing tram regulation system. This advancement will ensure passenger satisfaction by facilitating safe and dependable journeys. This achievement marks a significant step forward in enhancing public transport infrastructure and operational efficiency.

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