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Airflow and Guiding Systems for Rail Vehicles

At MöllerWerke we are proven specialists for customised flexible and functional components that are widely used in the railway sector. We develop and produce products that have process control as well as protective or guiding functions.

Airflow and Guiding Systems for Rail Vehicles

To guarantee a maximum level of flexibility we use different materials such as silicone-aramid fabrics, rubber, metal and sandwich materials. At our site in Bielefeld we permanently develop these materials which meet the specific requirements of the global railway industry. Our well-known customers are market leaders in the areas of vehicle as well as mechanical engineering and rely on the proven quality of MöllerWerke products.

We are specialists in:

  • Airflow solutions that meet the fire protection standards of the railway industry
  • Complete air duct systems for rail vehicles
  • Fabric expansion joints for HVAC systems
  • Traction Motor Boots.

Air Duct Systems for Rail Vehicles
HVAC air duct systems provide uniform air circulation in air conditioned passenger interiors. MöllerWerke offers in combination with its flexible fabric expansion joints complete air duct systems, which are manufactured individually according to customer requirements. The sandwich material, which has an insulating core, is made of PU foam laminated with aluminium foil on both sides.

Traction Motor Boots
For secure, durable airflow between bogie and body
Our traction motor boots provide a secure and durable airflow between bogie and body. Each bellow is customised regarding the application, air volume and track profile of the vehicle. In addition MöllerWerke offers individual mounting systems such as screw connection systems, plug in systems and much more.

Fabric Expansion Joints for HVAC systems
For movement absorption and tolerance compensation

Fabric expansion joints are premium, flexible connecting elements for movement absorption and tolerance compensation in air conditioning and ventilation systems. We enable extreme types of installations with asymmetrical designs and ensure optimal tightness thanks to the individual interface connection. Insulating materials can be used to prevent cold bridges.
Hoses and Elbows for Railway Applications

Our airflow solutions regarding unfiltered, clean and charged air are specially tailored to customer applications. Whether it is a simple connecting hose or a complicated geometry, MöllerWerke always provides a suitable solution for your engine.

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Join the 155,000+ IMP followers