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Hitachi Rail Vehicles to be Featured at the 'Fleet of the Future Expo' on the National Mall

8000 series rail vehicles completed in Hitachi Rail's New Hagerstown factory will be the first displayed on the National Mall since 1968.

Hitachi Rail Vehicles to be Featured at the 'Fleet of the Future Expo' on the National Mall

Hitachi Rail's new 8000 series rail cars for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) will be displayed on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. – a short distance away from major sites, such as the White House and the Washington Monument.

Metro, supported by Hitachi Rail, will host the first public preview of Metro's new 8000 series rail cars March 20th - April 3rd during the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Participation in the 'Fleet of the Future Expo' comes following Hitachi Rail's award of $2.2 billion contract for Metro's new rail fleet in March 2021.

The all-electric vehicles, with 130 seats per pair of cars, will be a major upgrade to the 2000- and 3000-series fleets they are slated to replace – which have been in service since the early 1980s. Once completed, the new fleet will help improve passenger experience, with easier maintenance and cost reductions overall. The 8000 series rail cars, will also have enhanced features, such as:

Digital screens with improved journey information and on-board WiFi
"Smart Doors" with individual response to obstructions
High-definition security cameras
Ventilation system improvements
Stringent cybersecurity requirements
Increased space between seats and wider aisles
Heated floors throughout
Improved regenerative braking

"Unveiling the Fleet of the Future marks a major step for Metro," said Randy Clark, GM of Metro. "We took best practices from all over the world – open gangways, more space, better digital screens for real-time information, direct video feeds to our control center, a lighter aluminum shell, and eye-catching design – and put them in this train. We are proud of all the improvements we were able to pack into this new fleet and welcome everyone to come out and see the future of America's transit system."

Rail Cars Completed Locally

Hitachi Rail's new factory in Hagerstown, Maryland will produce Metro's base order of 256, 8000 series railcars – with options to add an additional 800 cars upon completion of the first order.

The factory building will cover 307,000 square feet – including a large production area, warehouse and main office. The manufacturing facilities will be built on a 41-acre plot, that will also be equipped with an 800-yard test track allowing dynamic testing of trains on site. When fully operational in the summer of 2024, Hitachi Rail's Hagerstown factory will have the ability to produce 20 railcars per month on a single shift – with capabilities to build trains of different types, from trams and metros to high-speed trains.

The factory will benefit from Hitachi Rail's American and global manufacturing expertise, taking best practices from its existing locations in Miami, Florida, as well as facilities in Japan, Italy and the UK. It will also draw from the Hitachi Group's leadership in digital technology to ensure that production, testing and the management of supplies can be optimized.

"Our Hagerstown digital train factory will act as a flag ship for Hitachi Rail's business in North America," said Giuseppe Marino, Group CEO, Hitachi Rail. "We believe the new 8000 series railcars will significantly enhance passenger experience for Metro riders and Hitachi Rail is proud to be part of this legacy – continuing our decades long history of transit project delivery in the US. At Hitachi Rail our mission is to provide more seamless, sustainable journeys for passengers, customers and cities. The creation of this new factory in Maryland reflects our ambition to deliver for the United States."

Visiting the Fleet of the Future

The Fleet of the Future Expo will be prominently displayed on the National Mall at 12th Street and Madison Drive NW near the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and National Museum of Natural History. The Expo on the National Mall will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

It will be the first time the public has an opportunity to view and tour a replica of Metro's newest trains on the National Mall since the first 1000-series train cars debuted in 1968.

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