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Hitachi Rail completes first dynamic testing of its Digital Interlocking signalling system on Paris-Lyon High Speed Line

Hitachi Rail achieves key milestone in France in rolling out its next-generation interlocking signalling on Europe's busiest high-speed line between Paris-Lyon.

Hitachi Rail completes first dynamic testing of its Digital Interlocking signalling system on Paris-Lyon High Speed Line

Hitachi Rail has successfully completed the first dynamic test of its digital signalling technology for the Paris-Lyon high speed line. This key milestone in the deployment of Hitachi Rail's next generation interlocking system means the project is due to enter operational service in Autumn 2024.

In collaboration with SNCF Reseau, our teams are working to modernise the Paris-Lyon High Speed Line by replacing the current signal boxes with its next-generation computerised interlocking systems, known as SEI+. The project is part of the LGV+ Paris - Lyon contract, and was awarded to Hitachi Rail, in December 2019, for a total amount of € 129.3 M.

Dynamic tests are a crucial stage in the development of a railway line project, as they represent the culmination, in a real environment, of many months of preparation and programming.

The tests were carried out in an initial section in Paris area (Zone A) and confirmed that Hitachi Rail's interlocking system correctly enabled the test train, fitted with ERTMS digital signalling, to run with real commands from the Mistral remote control centre in Lyon (more than 500 km away). This new system uses the European standard for ground-train communication and interoperability, based on innovative computer and telecommunications technologies.

"This is the first time that Hitachi Rail's remit includes essential services such as on platform testing and on-site testing as part of the renovation project of a line operated by SNCF. We would therefore like to thank SNCF for its confidence and the close collaboration between our respective teams, which has enabled us to successfully complete this key milestone of the project", says Bernard Teyssieux, Project Manager at Hitachi Rail.

More than a hundred people are involved in this project, for the development and deployment activities, including 30 Hitachi Rail team members dedicated to the development of the new SEI+ technology.

The complexity of the tests lies in the fact that the line is in operation and tests can therefore only take place at night. Hitachi Rail's on-site testers were mobilised to supervise the SEI+ substations tested along the line and to help SNCF staff in the control room in Lyon to collect and analyse the results.

The next major milestone in the project is the completion of product development with the associated safety file and the end of on-site testing before entering commercial operation by autumn 2024.

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