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Alstom consortium selected to deliver Dominican Republic’s first monorail system

This is the first Innovia monorail system contract signed by Alstom since the acquisition of Bombardier Transportation.

Alstom consortium selected to deliver Dominican Republic’s first monorail system
Credit photo : Alstom

Alstom, global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, announces that the Consortium SIF — led by Alstom and including Sofratesa — has been selected by Fideicomiso para el Desarrollo del Sistema de Transporte Masivo (FITRAM) of the Dominican Republic to deliver an integrated Innovia monorail system for the city of Santiago de los Caballeros[1]. When complete, the 13-kilometre, 14-station Santiago de los Caballeros monorail system will be the first of its kind in the country and in the Caribbean. The system is dimensioned to carry up to 20,000 passengers per hour per direction (pphpd) and will provide faster and more efficient connections between the city’s northwest and southeast areas.

Alstom’s scope within the contract includes system integration, testing and commissioning of the full system and the supply of Innovia monorail trains as well as Cityflo 650 GOA4 driverless signalling, Hesop reversible power supply, conductor rail, high-speed interchange switch systems and depot equipment. Alstom’s share of the contract is worth approximately €370 million. This project is carried out with financing from the French government.

“This is a historic milestone in the development of sustainable mobility in the Dominican Republic, and we are proud to have been selected by FITRAM to deliver the country’s first monorail,”
says Iván Moncayo, Alstom’s Managing Director for the Dominican Republic. “The Dominican Republic is increasingly committed to developing and expanding urban mobility in the country and this investment for Santiago de los Caballeros will offer a modern, safe, comfortable, and reliable transportation option for the Santiaguense and visitors alike.”

Alstom will deliver the 13 four-car automated Innovia Monorail 300 trains, which incorporate the design and operational features required for a high-capacity urban transport system. These features include automatic driverless operation, bi-directional operations, and compliance with international safety requirements and standards. Capitalising on Alstom’s strong leadership with over 30 years’ expertise in communications-based train control (CBTC), Alstom’s Cityflo 650 CBTC solution — the first driverless rail control system in the Dominican Republic— will support the highest grade of automation (GoA4), allowing for high reliability, shorter intervals between trains, flexible and safe operations, and reduced maintenance costs. To further increase the energy efficiency of the system, Alstom will install Hesop reversible power stations, which translates into not only building fewer substations along the alignment but also recovering and reinjecting up to 99% braking energy from the trains back into the network.

With over 50 years’ experience and 80 systems in commercial service worldwide, Alstom is a trusted partner for delivering integrated turnkey rail systems customised for every mobility need.​ Designed to integrate seamlessly into the urban environment, Alstom’s fully automated and driverless Innovia monorail systems provide an energy-efficient, comfortable, and cost-effective mobility solution, particularly for growing or dense cities. The modern looking and quiet vehicles run on elevated guideways that are built off-site to permit fast assembly with minimal disruption on-site. Alstom offers 40+ years of expertise in successful monorail design, build, operations, and maintenance, with industry leading availability and safety standards.

Innovia™, Cityflo™ and Hesop™ are registered trademarks of the Alstom Group.

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