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GATX Telematics and Sensor Solutions: Enhancing the Digital Railway Journey

Telematics and Sensor Technology has emerged as a vital component of the digital railway journey. At GATX, we understand the importance of embracing innovative technology to enhance operations and customer service.

GATX Telematics and Sensor Solutions: Enhancing the Digital Railway Journey

We’ve worked alongside our customers, taking a collaborative approach to allow for telematics and sensor solutions that cater to the business needs of our diverse customer base. We are now ready to launch our new telematics and sensor offerings while retrofitting our entire fleet with state-of-the-art telematics devices through the end of the year.

Telematics Data Packages
Rigorous testing and selection have ensured that GATX has chosen the best telematics technology available, guaranteeing interoperability, sustainability, reliability, and accuracy for our customers. With a range of service and support packages tailored to individual needs, GATX offers a comprehensive suite of telematics solutions, from basic to pro services.

  • The basic telematics package provides essential telematics platform access and real-time wagon position updates every hour, ensuring convenient tracking.
  • The advanced telematics package offers standardized interface integration with ERP systems, more frequent position updates, telematics device status updates, geofencing, alerts, and historical data availability.
  • The pro telematics package expands on the advanced services by incorporating standard sensor data, shock detection, and the option for customized sensor solutions.

For ultimate customization, the fully customized option allows customers to tailor their telematics and sensor combinations according to their specific data needs, enabling digitalization and optimization of transport management and supply chain processes. All telematics package details can now be found here.

State-of-the-art Sensors can be easily combined with Telematics Packages
GATX’s dedication to safety and efficiency is further emphasized through the integration of state-of-the-art sensors that are combined with the telematics packages. All new-build railcars are equipped with a GPS device; older railcars are currently retrofitted. The GPS unit on the railcars is the basis for location tracking, ensuring real-time visibility, empowering customers to monitor their railcars from any location. Moreover, GATX offers a range of sensors designed to address key concerns in railway transport.

These include temperature sensors that enable continuous monitoring, enhancing safety and streamlining unloading activities, as well as loading state sensors that provide valuable information about railcar loading and unloading events. We are committed to innovating and are constantly testing and expanding our sensor portfolio, contributing to safer and more transparent rail freight transport.

Watch our telematics video for a full telematics and sensor overview. Get in touch with your GATX customer representative today if you would like to start your Telematics and Sensor journey with us.

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