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For GATX Rail Europe, transport is synonymous with offering our clients the safest and most sustainable and efficient railcar leasing solution possible. That is why we constantly seek forward progress. We recently achieved this with our Trifleet collaboration involving intermodal transport by adopting a safe, new method for transporting Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).


The combination of both assets, GATX railcars and Trifleet containers, gives our customers the possibility to build a target-oriented and distinctly sustainable supply chain. All in all, our solution will allow you to transport up to approx. 750 tons of LNG per block train and integrate the benefits of full intermodality.

Why is this green LNG transport by rail important?
LNG is the energy source for the future, as it offers an alternative technology bridge to the next 15-20 years. Essentially, it can become a substitute fuel, thus appeasing some of Europe’s current dependence on gas. Current events show that we have to act immediately. Germany, for example, has already taken the initiative to invest in LNG terminals. In the race to diversify energy sources and move toward more sustainable sources altogether, the only option left for the transport industry is to move in-step with upgraded and sustainably functional operations. This is why GATX Rail Europe is now happy to offer its clients a climate-neutral, intermodal transportation option for LNG cargo.

How useful is LNG?
LNG, cryogenic Liquefied Natural Gas, is made from a very high energy density mixture that predominantly consists of methane. Today, there is a diverse set of applications for the energy-rich substance:
  • LNG can be used as fuel for mobile machinery, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, and ships.
  • LNG can be used as a source of process energy for numerous industrial applications.
  • LNG can provide energy to local gas suppliers.
Utilities can provide LNG produced gas into the natural gas grid on an as-needed basis and compensate for peak loads, all the while supplying bottlenecks.

What are the advantages of the GATX/Trifleet LNG transport solution?
With this intermodal solution we offer our clients the possibility to fit up to 44 containers per 580 meter block train and a 34 ton LNG payload per railcar. The train, if on- and offload infrastructure allows it, can be as long as 815 meters, allowing for 31 cars or 62 containers in total. Compared to conventional railcars, full intermodality offers a leeway that a car or container can be repaired independently with no down time alongside the highly efficient storability of the stackable containers. Built according to laws and regulations, our containers are carefully designed for complete intermodality.

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