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Knick presents the P16800 Speed Signal Doubler at InnoTrans 2022

Knick developed the new signal doubler, P16800, to provide reliable speed data for the increasing number of evaluation systems in rail vehicles, with no need to install extra sensors at the axle ends.

Knick presents the P16800 Speed Signal Doubler at InnoTrans 2022

The P16800 picks up the output signal of an axle encoder and doubles it without sacrificing signal quality. The perfect copy of the signal is then delivered, galvanically isolated, to the connected control units. Knick will present the device as a world premiere at InnoTrans 2022 (Hall 17, Stand 225).

No compromise on safety
In terms of safety, Knick makes no compromises with the new device: The original signal is free from interference up to SIL 4 and the duplicated signals can be transmitted functionally safe in SIL 2 safety circuits. All functional safety specifications are certified by an accredited laboratory. If necessary, the P16800 improves the signal quality of a deformed output signal. The device converts current into voltage and voltage into current, allowing for a variety of encoders to be connected to different control systems.

Increasing demand for speed information on rail vehicles

The number of systems on rail vehicles that rely on accurate speed information is increasing. For example, the existing national train control systems, all of which depend on precise odometry, must continue to operate on vehicles in parallel to the new ECTS (European Train Control System).

Added to this there are many more control systems, some of these safety relevant. For example, wheel slide protection, brakes, traction, door control, driver assistance systems, and black box are all systems that utilize speed information with safety in mind. ITCS (Intermodal Transport Control Systems) in mass transit as well as passenger information systems also depend on accurate speed data.

However, there is only a limited number of free axle ends and little mounting space on the bogies. Each additional incremental encoder also means increased weight and costs for acquisition, installation, and maintenance. The installation of additional speed sensors on the axle ends may also create the need for recertification of the vehicle.

The P16800 is the ideal solution for retrofitting rail vehicles. The device helps to quickly and cost-effectively implement the extensive requirements for odometry that result from the European standardized train control system ETCS.

Knick presents the P16800 Speed Signal Doubler at InnoTrans 2022

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