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The popularity of the Moscow Central Diameters among Moscow citizens increased by 40%

Today, there is an increase in the number of Moscow citizens using the Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) for daily travel.

The popularity of the Moscow Central Diameters among Moscow citizens increased by 40%

«It has always been believed that commuter trains are needed only for those who live behind the Moscow Circle Automobile Road (MKAD), but when we launched the first two MCDs, equipped the stations, made the predictable schedule, launched modern trains - it turned out that the greatest dynamics of the passenger growth is not with the residents of the Moscow region, but with Moscow citizens. Today the number of Moscow citizens who use commuter trains on a daily basis as part of the MCD project has increased by 40%. Diameters have really become an above-ground metro, integrated with the metro. This is a victory for us», – noted Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport.

MCD connects one of the largest agglomerations in the world. There are more than 20 million inhabitants in Moscow and Moscow Region. On average, the MCD-1 and the MCD-2 carry more than 570,000 passengers a day.

The standards of the Moscow Central Diameter stations are based on the wishes of passengers themselves. Stations with all the amenities for passengers are opened at the reconstructed and new stations of the existing and future diameters. There are elevators and escalators with access to the platform and to the street, lowered ticket offices for passengers with disabilities, electronic scoreboards, turnstile rulers, a restroom and a full-length canopy, which protect passengers from precipitation. The stations also have curtains and infrared heaters to keep passengers warm in the harsh Russian cold.

The surrounding area is also being developed. New bus stops are being built and moved closer to the stations, there are parking lots for taxi (kiss & ride) and private cars, also comfortable pedestrian approaches are being built to the stations.

There are already launched two MCD lines – the MCD-1 Odintsovo-Lobnya and the MCD-2 Nakhabino-Podolsk. The total number of stations – 60, 21 of which have interchange to the metro and the MCC. The MCD-1 was opened in 2019, the length of the diameter is 52 km, 25 stations, of which 9 stations with interchanges to the metro. The MCD-2 was also launched in 2019. Its length is 80 km, includes 35 stations, of which 12 have interchanges to the metro. The MCD-3 Leningrad-Kazansky will pass through the capital from the northwest to the southeast. The launch of the MCD-3 will improve transport accessibility for 24 Moscow districts. Its length will be 85 km. The MCD-3 will consist of 42 stations, 14 of which will have interchanges to metro, the MCC and suburban railroad lines. The MCD-4 Kievsko-Gorkovsky will go through the capital from west to east. It will be the longest transport artery in Moscow, its length will be 86 km. There will be 39 stations on the MCD-4, 18 of which will be interchangeable, with 35 interchange options to metro, the MCC and other diameters.

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