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Eurowagon expands safety portfolio with Nexxiot’s unique Kingpin Innovation

Progressive Polish freight wagon lessor Eurowagon and cutting-edge digitization company Nexxiot are collaborating further by launching new ‘safety-centric’ digital products and services

Eurowagon expands safety portfolio with Nexxiot’s unique Kingpin Innovation
Credit photo: Nexxiot

Eurowagon, established in 2017, has rapidly become the leading freight car rental company in Poland. The company’s expansion is largely due to its unique approach to leveraging innovation and driving growth by solving complex challenges in the transport chain. Eurowagon and Nexxiot have now extended their cooperation by moving to equip Eurowagon’s fleet with the latest Kingpin sensors which monitor the loading of semi-trailers onto pocket rail wagons. Nexxiot’s Kingpin Monitor hardware will be deployed on the entire fleet of pocket wagons to bring new standards in safety and process automation to these special types of assets.

Eurowagon has a unique take on its approach to growing its business. It has always sought to create the conditions for growth through technology and a progressive commercial culture. Its leaders focus on defining transparency and empirical methods as a major source of value for its various stakeholders. Marek Gołębiewski, Technical Officer at Eurowagon says: “The Eurowagon leadership team believes in implementing the latest technical advancements to distinguish ourselves in the marketplace and offer something that hasn’t previously been available that benefits our clients”. He goes on to say: “By selecting the latest IoT sensors like Nexxiot’s Kingpin Monitor, we can demonstrate to our clients that we think differently about creating value and move rapidly to deliver the next generation digital solutions so they can speed up loading operations and make the process safer too.”

The Kingpin Monitor is a unique hardware-enabled digital capability, that can be considered a game changer for the industry. When a semi-trailer is loaded onto a pocket wagon railcar, the installation requires precision placement of a ‘kingpin’ which fixes the whole trailer in place. Normally, this is a highly manual process which includes visual checks from people on the ground. Until now, there was no possibility for an independent digital confirmation of correct placement. With the initial deployment phase already underway as the proof of correct and safe installation is of paramount importance for Eurowagon to reach the maximum possible levels of trust, accountability and process control.

Nexxiot’s CEO Stefan Kalmund explains: “As rail IoT solutions mature, Eurowagon advances its capabilities to reduce their reliance on third parties who make the necessary checks before wagons begin their trip. The Kingpin Monitor speeds up the loading process, saving time and money, it maximizes the utilization of assets and significantly improves the levels of safety, as sensors reliably confirm the attachment is secure. Rail is between 5 and 7 times more sustainable than road transport, so by increasing confidence in combined transport solutions (like road trailers loaded onto rail cars), the whole operation is more sustainable too.” Nexxiot and Eurowagon have a similar outlook when it comes to digital transformation. By working with the latest innovations, it’s possible to facilitate multiple improvements for the benefit of workers, partners and clients, especially cargo owners and shippers. “It’s easy for us to collaborate with Eurowagon”, says Stefan Kalmund, “Like us, they strive to be leaders in their space. Like us, they also believe in data-driven value and investing in future-proof technology to create new processes and quality standards for the industry”.

About Eurowagon:
Eurowagon is a new alternative for customers on the European rail car leasing market. The company was established in 2018 and is a portfolio company of CEE Equity Partners Ltd. Eurowagon owns and manages roughly 1,5 thousand freight wagons. Activities of Eurowagon include rental of wagons to freight and industrial clients, wagons’ management, and maintenance. The headquarters of the company is in Poland, but since 2020 Eurowagon has also representatives in Switzerland, France, and Austria, who are responsible for Western European countries. Eurowagon also performs the ECM function for its wagons based on VPI maintenance rules. Until today, Eurowagon has purchased 500 new freight wagons from major European wagons producers. The vast majority are intermodal platforms (80’, 90’, T3000) but as well state of the art open box wagons (Eamnos). The entire new fleet was successfully rented out to clients within different European markets. In addition, Eurowagon is an owner of about 1000 wagons which are rented to top Polish clients. Predominantly these are open wagons intended for the bulk materials but as well Sgs 60‘container rail cars. The company also has very ambitious investment and development plans for the next few years. Eurowagon assumes that by 2026 will be able to offer approx. 4 500 wagons. For more information, visit:

About Nexxiot:

Nexxiot AG from Zurich, Switzerland, is a driver of the digital logistics of tomorrow. The company’s goal is to enable a five percent reduction in global CO2 cargo emissions by increasing cargo transport efficiency and eliminating waste caused by empty runs and inefficient routes. To achieve this, the company empowers its clients to leverage the power of their data with cutting-edge technology. Therefore, Nexxiot provides an integrated solution to track, find and protect cargo from over 160 countries around the globe and across 450 network roaming partners to ensure trust, security, and efficiency. Data from more than 2.5 billion travelled miles is stored in Nexxiot’s dedicated logistics cloud. Employees from over 20 countries contribute to the success of the company. In addition to its headquarters in Switzerland, Nexxiot operates in Germany, the USA and is pursuing a global growth strategy. For more information, visit

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