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XCMG's Black Golden "Ironclad Soldier" Shines in China-Laos Railway

The much-anticipated China-Laos Railway, a railway of hope for the people of China and Laos, was officially opened on December 3, and the completion of this port railway is an important achievement and landmark project of the "Belt and Road" construction.

XCMG's Black Golden Ironclad Soldier Shines in China-Laos Railway

Recently, as one of the main equipment in the field, XCMG reach stacker XCS4531K was stationed at the railway station of Yunnan Mohan Port, which is an important hub of China-Laos Railway, to perform loading and unloading and lifting operations, and helped customers to improve the efficiency of container loading and unloading operations at the port and service quality.

The XCMG XCS4531K reach stacker is developed according to the customer's needs, and is fully upgraded with energy-saving and environmental protection, intelligent and efficient, safe and reliable, comfortable operation and other technologies, equipped with practical functions such as intelligent braking, precise weighing and panoramic image, making cargo transportation more efficient, safer and more reliable, more comfortable and convenient to use.

Adopting the full truck load mode, it can be operated by getting off the truck, eliminating the tedious installation and commissioning time, which is highly recognized by customers.

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