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Hitachi wins the new express trains for Tobu’s flagship service

Tobu Railway Co. Ltd. (Tobu) has selected Hitachi, Ltd. (Hitachi) to provide a new fleet of “Limited” express trains for its flagship service between Tokyo and renowned Nikko and Kinugawa

Hitachi wins the new express trains for Tobu’s flagship service

The popular tourist destination, which includes natural beauty spots and the Nikko Toshogu shrine, World heritage site dedicated to one of Japan’s most famous shoguns, attracts up to 12 million visitors each year. The new N100 express trains will improve the service from the Japanese capital and tourist spot and replace the previous Spacia 100 series, which have been operating since 1990.

The new trains are to be built at Hitachi Rail’s Kasado Works and will run in six carriage formation, which includes 212 seats.

N100’s exterior drew inspiration from the heart-warming design of Japanese traditional crafts, and the coloring comes from the noble white of Nikko Toshogu Shrine. While inheriting the comfortable large swivel recliner seats and Compartment rooms of “SPACIA”, N100 newly provides lounge sheets and cafe counter to meet the diverse needs of all passengers. The first unit of N100 will be put in operation in 2023.

Koji Agatsuma, Group COO (Rolling Stock), Hitachi Rail said:

"We are proud to design and build Tobu’s flagship express trains that will improve the service for the millions of passengers who visit Nikko and Kinugawa every year. Hitachi has built over 500 commuter cars of A-train for Tobu. We will work with Tobu to build a fleet of modern trains that are safe, comfortable environmentally friendly and pleasant."

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