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GEFCO Launches First Carbon-Neutral Block Train on the New Silk Road

On November 15, 2021, a 41-wagon block train left on a three-week journey from Dunajska Strada Slovakia to Xi’an China on the New Silk Road.

GEFCO Launches First Carbon-Neutral Block Train on the New Silk Road

This block train is GEFCO’s first carbon-neutral train operated for a customer seeking low-carbon transportation solutions for consumer goods. GEFCO will offset the 250 tons of CO2 generated from this door-to-door service by investing in Gold Standard certified projects.
In addition, the train will be equipped Internet of Things (IoT) devices to guarantee track and trace, temperature control and product integrity during transit.

The three-week journey on the New Silk Road includes travel from Slovakia to Brest- Małaszewicze at the Polish-Belorussian border, where the goods will be transferred from European to Russian rail wagons to adapt to the 1.52m rail gauge. The block train will then travel through Belarus and Russia and arrive at Alashankou-Dostyk in Kazakhstan, a major link in the Eurasian Land Bridge on the border with Xinjiang, the port of entry into China. The goods will then be loaded on Chinese wagons before their final delivery in Xi’an.

"We are pleased to partner with our longstanding customer to provide this milestone carbon-neutral train. Market demand is increasing for more climate-friendly solutions, especially in long-distance transportation. At GEFCO, we calculate the environmental impact of our solutions, re-engineer them to minimize emissions and propose offsetting solutions for any remaining carbon. Rail is a very good way to achieve reduced carbon emissions".

Alice Defranoux
Rail Manager at GEFCO

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