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Alstom expands Taubaté factory and opens more than 700 job positions

SENAI partnership will help develop and train future professionals

Alstom expands Taubaté factory and opens more than 700 job positions

Alstom, global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, is rapidly expanding in Latin America following the signing of multiple national and international contracts. The company will open more than 750 jobs in the State of São Paulo for its rolling stock business; of this total, around 700 job positions will be opened for the company's industrial unit, located in the city of Taubaté (SP).

To execute the projects, Alstom is investing around €14 million to modernize and adapt the Taubaté factory to be ready to manufacture trains for new projects starting in 2022.

To prepare future employees to work in the production of more than 130 trains (more than 750 cars), Alstom signed a partnership with the National Service for Industrial Learning – SENAI Taubaté. The announcement was made this morning, with the participation of the Governor of the State of São Paulo, João Dória, the State Secretary of Metropolitan Transports, Alexandre Baldy, the president of SENAI Taubaté, Fernando Gonçalves, as well as other state, municipal and private sector representatives, such as Acciona and CCR client companies.

The high number of job positions aims to execute the contracts signed with Concessionária Linha Universidade for Line 6-Orange of the São Paulo metro, and Concessionária ViaMobilidade for Lines 8-Diamond and 9-Emerald of the System of Metropolitan Trains of São Paulo. In addition to these two national projects, Alstom will also manufacture in Taubaté the trains for phase two of the Circular Line and for the extension of Line 7 of the Taipei Metro, Taiwan, and for the new M5 line of the Bucharest Metro, Romania.

SENAI Taubaté will train 600 professionals starting in January 2022 in areas such as the Basics of Mechanics and Logistics, Basics of Manufacturing Processes and Basics of Quality and Safety. Between November 2021 and January 2023, Alstom or partner companies will progressively hire around 500 professionals trained by SENAI Taubaté to work on the projects.

"We recently celebrated 65 years in Brazil, it is extremely important and satisfying for Alstom to continue to positively impact people's lives."

Michel Boccaccio, Senior Vice President for Alstom Latin America

The main job positions available at Alstom Taubaté are assistants, operators and assemblers. "We are not only investing to modernize our facilities, but also in people. Not only for Alstom, but for the entire community. Alstom is committed to supporting local communities through partnerships such as SENAI and helping cultivate local economies", says Ricardo Koga, general director of Human Resources at Alstom Latin America.

Present at the event, Alexandre Baldy, State Secretary of Metropolitan Transports, highlighted that the mobility industry has several projects and works in progress that open opportunities for the region of Taubaté.

João Doria, governor of the State of São Paulo, also attended the Alstom event in Taubaté and highlighted that the partnership with the company as “a path towards more jobs and more opportunities that improve the economy of the State of São Paulo. There will be more than 700 workers in Taubaté plus 50 in the branch located in the capital”.

According to Fernando Gonçalves, director of SENAI Taubaté, “the mechanical industry has always been a driver of our economic activities in the State of São Paulo and, mainly, in our region, including Alstom, in which we act as long-term partners in the Project Wonder with a prerequisite course to work in the fabrication of the VLT for the Rio Olympics”.

"We recently celebrated 65 years in Brazil, it is extremely important and satisfying for Alstom to continue to positively impact people's lives. Investing in the country and knowing that the company is responsible for the mobility of millions of people in large cities such as São Paulo and its surroundings, as well as Taipei and Bucharest, is a source of great pride for all Alstom employees in Brazil", said Michel Boccaccio, Senior Vice President for Alstom Latin America. “Working with partners such as SENAI, CCR, Acciona and many others creates excellent opportunities for the community and demonstrates how education, training and industry can work together to create the workforce of the future.”


Alstom Taubate will manufacture trains for the following projects from 2021 through to mid-2028.

- Lines 8 and 9 of the São Paulo Metropolitan train network: Alstom will supply 36 eight-car Metropolis trains.
- Line 6 - Orange line of the São Paulo Metro: Alstom will supply 22 six-car Metropolis automatic trains.
- Metrorex, Bucharest Metro, Romania: Alstom will supply 13 Metropolis trains, 78 cars in all, to service the new M5 line.
- Extension of Phase 2 of Line 7 of Taipei Metro, in Taiwan: Supply of 16 four-car Metropolis trains.
- Taipei Circular Line: Alstom will supply 29 fully automated Metropolis trains with four cars each.

Alstom Taubaté

Opened in 2015, Alstom's industrial unit in Taubaté was strategically installed in an industrial hub next to two important highways in the country, Dutra and Carvalho Pinto, and close to the Port of Santos, the largest port complex in Latin America.

In 2015, Taubaté began production of the cars for the Rio de Janeiro VLT, which were manufactured in record time for the Summer Olympics in Brazil. The project was the second in the world to have a 100% catenary-free system.

Following the completion of the VLT contract, Taubaté was responsible for the production of the NS16 cars for the Santiago Metro, in Chile. Now, following the transfer of activities and industrial tools from the former Alstom Lapa unit, and with the current investments, Alstom Taubaté now has the infrastructure to become a reference as the first train factory in the history of the railway sector in Latin America, preparing itself for a prosperous future full of opportunities, both domestically and internationally.

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