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In Moscow was opened a long-distance railway station for the first time in 100 years

«Historically, railway stations are located in the center of European and Russian cities. Not all of the passengers need to go to the center, so that was the reason for a new long-distance railway station in Moscow.

In Moscow was opened a long-distance railway station for the first time in 100 years

It was the first long-distance railway station opened in 100 years. Its main feature is that it is located not in the center of the city but on the eastern outskirts and at the same time it is part of a large hub. Passengers arriving at the new long-distance railway station «Vostochny» have more than 100 alternative routes, as they can make an interchange to the metro, the MCC and surface transport», – noted Maksim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport.

Thanks to the connection with the MCC, it will be convenient to reach the capital airports for the transit passengers of the new long-distance railway station «Vostochny». For example, it will take 18 minutes to get to the station «Okruzhnaya» for the interchange to the air express in Sheremetyevo, to the station «Verkhnie Kotly» for the interchange to the air express in Domodedovo - 29 minutes, to the station «Andronovka» for the interchange to the commuter train going to the airport Zhukovsky - only 12 minutes. It is also easy to get to «Vnukovo» airport - on the «Sokolnicheskaya» line from the station «Cherkizovskaya» to «Salaryevo», where further drive 20 minutes by bus to the airport.

The new long-distance railway station is located on the MCC (Moscow central circle) as a part of a large and unique hub, uniting the station «Cherkizovskaya» of the Sokolnicheskaya metro line, the station of the MCC "Locomotive" and surface transport. Every day on the railway complex «Vostochny» 48 long-distance trains will arrive and depart, 20 of them are fast trains «Strizh» and «Lastochka» going to Nizhny Novgorod and Ivanovo. The rest are transit trains passing through Moscow on the way from the north-western part of Russia to the south. The total area of the station complex is 9,600 sq. m, including a modern passenger terminal with an area of 4,200 sq. m. and two platforms with different height, which is 5,400 sq. m. Low platform is for the trains «Strizh», produced by Spanish company «Talgo» and high one for the trains «Lastochka » model «Desiro» created by German company «Siemens».

At the new long-distance railway station «Vostochny» there is a waiting hall with 200 seats equipped with USB-charges, a reception hall of delegations, automatic storage, universal ticket offices, a business hall, a food court, mother and child rooms. There are places for the ATMs, vending machines and external battery rental machines (power banks) with possibility of lease termination at other stations of Moscow transport. Wi-Fi is available throughout the whole territory. The station complex is equipped with modern systems of ventilation, heating, air-conditioning, fire and transportation safety. In order to facilitate the movement of passengers with limited mobility - disabled, elderly, mothers with children, passengers with luggage and disabled persons – 4 escalators and 3 lifts were placed at the station. There is also a medical clinic where, in addition to the primary health care, Covid-19 vaccination will be provided 24 hours a day. It is planned to make parking areas for taxis, carsharing and «Kiss&Ride» by autumn.

After the opening of the "Vostochny" station, it is expected that the total passenger capacity of the metro and the MCC will increase by 75,000 passengers per day. This includes 25,000 passengers of the long-distance trains. The goal of the «Vostochny» station construction was to unload the busiest section of Moscow - Kurskaya-Kalanchevskaya. You can read about it by clicking on the link’s-infrastructure-includes-complex-sections

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