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Alstom’s Innovation Awards 2020

I Nove You campaign showcases the very best of Alstom’s internal innovation talent for the 13th year running

Alstom’s Innovation Awards 2020

‘I Nove You’ is a yearly company-wide programme designed to harness the innovative power of all Alstom’s teams and individuals. Yesterday, the ranking by category of the 20 finalist projects took place in an exceptional online ceremony which included all the teams involved as well as Alstom’s chairman and CEO, and which was open to all Alstom employees around the world. The programme has been a resounding success this year, with over 850 projects submitted from around the world, implicating over 2000 people, Alstom’s teams have achieved a new record!

Open to all employees across all business lines and sites, the competition rewards creativity in every shape and form, spanning products, systems, processes, sustainable development, and even open innovation and innovation to market. With this approach, the Group confirms the importance of innovation at the heart of the “Alstom In Motion” strategic plan, to build and reinvent the mobility of tomorrow.

“Innovation is an essential part of our strategy. I congratulate everyone who participated in the programme this year – the winners of course for their exceptional ideas, but also every individual and team that submitted a project. Together these people make up the source of Alstom’s innovative spirit,” explained Jean-Francois Beaudoin, Senior Vice President of Alstom Digital Mobility.

By way of illustration, one of this year’s finalist innovations in the “Innovative Processes” category and which can be mentioned publicly is called the “Robotized Standard Unit for Watertightness Tests of Traction Equipment”. In essence, it is a robotic system that allows for extremely reliable and consistent water resistance tests while leading to significant cost savings and cutting the test time by two thirds compared to manual methods.

Over the years, ‘I Nove You’ has given rise to the creation of several innovative solutions, enhancing Alstom expertise and customer service. This decade has seen the birth of innovations such as Coradia iLint, the world’s first hydrogen train, StationOne, the online platform for spare parts, as well as HealthHub, Alstom’s digital maintenance suite, or Hesop, a regenerative braking system that can reinject up to 99% of energy into the network.

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