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More transport volumes for the "Stahl- und Walzwerk Marienhütte GmbH"

A total of 10,000 additional tonnes dispatched from the Steel and Rolling Mill have already been shifted to rail for Marienhütte.

More transport volumes for the Stahl- und Walzwerk Marienhütte GmbH

As a logistics provider, the Rail Cargo Group already transports 97 percent of all the goods that are delivered to the Steel and Rolling Mill Marienhütte GmbH on the environmentally friendly rails. Additional quantities of new outgoing transport from the Mill weighing 10,000 tonnes have significantly increased previous volumes and secured Austria’s supplies of reinforcing steel.

Sustainability focus

As Austria’s sole manufacturer of reinforcing steel, the Steel Mill Marienhütte already produces a total of 400,000 tonnes and so caters for 50 percent of the domestic construction industry. With a focus on upcycling scrap metal, iron scraps are melted in an electric arc furnace and manufactured into “new” usable steel. RCG delivers 97 percent of the amount of scrap metal needed for this directly to the Mill on the environmentally friendly rails. The highly efficient manufacture process means that for every tonne of reinforcing steel that is produced, much fewer resources are used up than for steel imports and this benefits the industry, the environment and our society.

With the additional volumes it has shifted to rail, this company from Graz focuses on sustainability, on reducing CO2 levels, and keeping its carbon footprint to a minimum when it comes to manufacture and transport. Even in the current challenging circumstances brought about by COVID-19 and the highly competitive transport market, the Rail Cargo Group and its environmentally friendly transport services have been able to help keep this product’s carbon footprint as small as possible.

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