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Talgo collaborates with Renfe to medically equip high-speed trains for the national transfer of Covid19 patients

Following the instructions of the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Talgo is collaborating with Renfe Operator to adapt high-speed trains that will be used, if necessary, to transport patients affected by the coronavirus between different autonomous communities within Spain.

Talgo collaborates with Renfe to medically equip high-speed trains for the national transfer of Covid19 patients

Talgo has made all its human and material resources available to the Spanish Government, as a voluntary contribution to the efforts against the pandemic, to convert trains into mobile ambulances.

The Spanish operator Renfe has chosen the Talgo 250 Dual model to become medically equipped trains, thanks to their technological characteristics. These are low-floor trains with no entry steps, since the entire floor is located at exactly the same height as most of the platforms on the Spanish railway network; this feature will facilitate the transfer of patients, thus speeding up the transport.

The trains, adapted in the joint facilities that Renfe and Talgo have in Fuencarral (Madrid, Spain), also have modular interiors which facilitates that all sanitation works, dismantling of elements and anchoring of sanitary equipment can be done as quickly as possible.

These are variable gauge trains with hybrid traction, which will allow to reach any part of Spain, as they can use both the high-speed and conventional rail networks thanks to Talgo's automatic variable gauge system, and on both sections that are electrified and those that have no catenary, using the hybrid traction system powered by diesel engines.

For this collaboration, Talgo has provided the Spanish public administration with all its own resources, with the aim of collaborating in every way possible to address the current health crisis, which is unprecedented.

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