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Alstom to equip 77 regional trains with ERTMS onboard train control system in Sweden

Alstom has been awarded a contract by AB Transitio, Region Skåne through Skånetrafiken, Region Blekinge, Hallandstrafiken AB, and DSB SOV to equip a fleet of 77 X31 regional trains with ERTMS onboard train control system , with an option of an additional 34 trains. All trains will be ready by end of 2023. The contract is worth about 35 million euro.

Alstom to equip 77 regional trains with ERTMS onboard train control system in Sweden

The trains are running in the growing Öresund region in the South of Sweden, and Eastern Denmark.

Alstom will install a solution that features an integrated dual system enabling the trains to run on legacy lines equipped with ATC-2 system in Sweden, whilst being also able to run on lines newly equipped with the ERTMS Level 2 system both in Sweden and Denmark. Furthermore, the trains are also equipped to run on the existing ZUB 123 system in Denmark. The design of the dual system minimizes hardware equipment by sharing some on-board components, and the wheel sensors. Alstom is the ERTMS market leader and is currently delivering a similar solution in Norway on over 400 trains, to be completed in 2026.

"We are very pleased to deliver an onboard control system solution for AB Transitio and their fellow vehicle owners for Öresundstrafiken. This contract is a strategic win for Alstom in Sweden, where its longstanding international ERTMS experience now will be applied to a major part of the train fleet in southern Sweden," said Björn Asplund, Managing Director of Alstom Sweden.

“To us, an updated and modern train fleet is important as we see a steadily increasing flow of passengers to a region that continues to grow. With a new digital signalling system, the trains will continue to provide a very safe railway service in the Öresund region”, says Stefan Kallin, CEO of AB Transitio.

The project will be delivered by Alstom Sweden together with Alstom center of excellence for ERTMS in Charleroi, Belgium. Installation design and supply chain will be performed by the Alstom team in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Alstom’s Atlas is the worldwide number one in on-board ERTMS equipment, representing 70% of the on-board systems in service in ERTMS Level 2. Today, across 20 countries, trains under Atlas supervision have covered over 150 million kilometers, including Deutsche Bahn’s ICE3 fleet recently equipped in Germany. Alstom has also delivered the first ERTMS Level 3 in commercial service in the world in Germany.

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