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Digitization Partner for Rail Companies

Ab Ovo is a leader in Supply Chain business software solutions and we help companies reach their business and sustainability goals by improving business processes and making better planning decisions.

Digitization Partner for Rail Companies

As a specialist in Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS), Ab Ovo supports organizations to meet their sustainability goals with a reduction in carbon emissions.

With the green coding platform, “the Eco Logic Platform”, we add value through data-driven transformation and solutions digitizing processes and extracting insights from data.

We strongly believe it is possible to become more efficient and sustainable at the same time and we are committed to continuously supporting our customers to reach their efficiency and sustainability goals. Smart digitization enables our customers with better strategic, tactical, and operational decisions and supports them to lower CO2 emissions.

Sustainable by software, Sustainable with software!

Currently, Ab Ovo employs 120+ highly skilled and knowledgeable employees including mathematicians, operations research, data engineers, data scientist and modelers from a host of supply chain backgrounds. We service our customers globally from our regional office locations: The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, USA and India.

Since our founding in 1997, we have established ourselves as a leading knowledge and solution partner for customers active in the domains of Aviation, Landside Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, Maritime, Public Transport and Rail. In these industries, Ab Ovo has focused on optimising business processes and solving complex planning puzzles, involving complicated constraints, rules, and regulations with optimization needs. Ab Ovo has planned, for example, trucks, labor workforce, trailers, railcars, containers, vessels, locomotives, loads, tonnage, maintenance, berth, tanks, trips, and orders; we have touched all sides of the supply chain and logistics.

Our largest domain is in the Rail industry, where we have for more than two decades been successfully working with large rail operators like DB Cargo, CN, Lineas, LTG Cargo, Green Cargo, VR, etc. We support rail operators and infra managers with all the solutions to digitize their business processes.

We have used our extensive Rail experience, and knowledge, to develop our own solutions for the Rail market with our Eco Logic Platform and the DELMIA Quintiq Platform. Our business unit Rail consists of 30+ experienced Rail experts with deep knowledge of Rail business processes, software development and analytics. Our services help our customers to transform the Rail business into a digitized, cost effective, sustainable and high performing Rail operation.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Order Management solutions
Rail Yard optimisation
Advanced Planning and Scheduling solutions
Mobility solutions
System Integration
Business Process Optimization and Reengineering
Change Management

Our Rail Product Suite:

Operations ERP
Rail Cargo Planning
Train Planning
Timetable Planning
Maintenance Planning
Workforce Planning
Infrastructure Planning
Strategic Asset Management
Fleet, Crew and Network Planning
Hump Shunting Planning
Load Planning

Significant improvement at LTG Cargo thanks to Ab Ovo’s Rail Cargo Planning System


Digitize, automate and centralize the current paper-based system for planning
Deploy an integrated rail cargo transportation planning and management system for long-term and operational planning of rail cargo transportation activities
Ability to make data-driven decisions in a timely and transparent manner
Quick planning and optimize use of resources


Ab Ovo implemented the Rail Cargo Planning (RCP) solution, a standard solution for rail freight companies supporting the full resource cycle from long-term planning to real-time execution management
RCP integrates the planning and scheduling of paths, locomotives, wagons, drivers, shunters, yard operators and freight orders.

Why Ab Ovo:

Real-time integrated rail planning solution
Proven standard product
Solid reference base in the European rail industry
Experienced implementation partner with strong business knowledge


Supported an effective, real-time management business model with consideration for regulation, policies, and processes
Provided an automated, user-friendly, and real-time management tool to reduce errors, improve employee satisfaction, and efficiently manage transportation disruptions
Improved utilization and efficiently managed all assets and resources (paths, locomotives, wagons, drivers, and station ground staff)

“We are transforming our planning and order management processes, and Ab Ovo’s Rail Cargo Planning system plays a role in the planning aspect,” Marijus Jankauskas, operational efficiency manager at LTG Cargo explains, “The system has proven its worth already in the early phase in 2022 where the rail market experienced huge changes demanding fast adaptations in the planning. This aligns with LTG Cargo’s broader strategy of serving as a regional transportation backbone and focusing on creating value for our customers.” Built on the DELMIA Quintiq supply chain planning and optimization (SCP&O) platform from Dassault Systèmes, the RCP system offers decision support, activity as well as KPI-based planning, real-time solvers, and scenario management.

“RCP is a solution that uses real-time and historical data as input from management systems such as order management, fleet management, time schedules, or other relevant data sources,” Håkan Franzén, Managing Director, Ab Ovo Nordic, explains. “With predictive analytics and rail-specific algorithms, the solution presents planners with the optimum and most efficient use of valuable resources, whether these are people, rolling stock or other assets. It is hugely important that the planners always are in control and our Rail Cargo Planning solution gives them precisely this – with all needed data in real-time, intuitive user interface and fully transparent AI.”

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