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RailSoft: A Breakthrough in Container Terminal Management

In an era where intermodal logistics forms the backbone of global trade, efficient management of container terminals is essential for the fluidity of the supply chain.

RailSoft: A Breakthrough in Container Terminal Management

The Polish market, a significant node on the map of European intermodal transports, welcomes a modern solution – the RailSoft system, dedicated to container terminal management, revolutionizing this logistics segment.

Innovation in Every Container

RailSoft is comprehensive software that enables the management of all aspects of container terminal operations. It has been designed with carriers, terminal operators, and customers using intermodal services in mind. The system integrates functions that allow for the efficient handling of processes related to transhipment, storage, and issuance of containers.

Key features of RailSoft include tracking container movements within the terminal, managing storage locations, automating the entry and exit processes of vehicles, as well as precise planning and settlement of operational tasks. RailSoft’s advanced algorithms allow for the optimization of terminal space utilization and minimize vehicle handling time, which directly translates into increased operational efficiency.

VBS (Vehicle Booking System) – A Synonym for Efficiency

Responding to market needs, RailSoft also offers an integrated module VBS (Vehicle Booking System), which is key to increasing terminal throughput and reducing waiting time for trucks. VBS is a reservation system that allows drivers and carriers to book a time slot for the delivery or pickup of a container, significantly accelerating logistic processes.

With VBS, terminals can manage vehicle traffic on their premises, enabling precise work planning and even distribution of load among employees and equipment. The reservation system is available online, allowing users easy access and management of their bookings at any place and time.

Competitive Advantage

RailSoft and VBS together create a unique combination that provides container terminals with a competitive edge through digitalization of processes, streamlining of communication, and increased transparency of operations. An open API allows for easy integration with other port and terminal management systems, making RailSoft not just an operational tool but also a strategic element in managing the entire supply chain.


In times when speed and accuracy are currencies of immense value in the logistics industry, RailSoft with the VBS module responds to these challenges, offering solutions tailored to the changing market conditions and expectations of customers. The Polish intermodal sector now has at its disposal a tool that not only facilitates daily work but also supports its dynamic development on the international stage.

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