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NEW – EAO's seat reservation system of the latest generation

Innovative, flexible and efficient – for an optimised passenger flow.

NEW – EAO's seat reservation system of the latest generation

Megatrends of the future, such as mobility and urbanisation, pose new challenges for railway transport. It is becoming increasingly important to optimise the flow of passengers so that they are routed efficiently in the increasingly connected and dynamic world of rail transport. EAO supports these efforts as an expert partner for HMIs in the railway sector and is launching an innovative and flexible seat reservation system of the latest generation.

This new HMI Solution is based on a standardised platform, that offers maximum flexibility in terms of customer-specific design and system adaptations. Not only can the system be easily and seamlessly integrated into the passenger information system but thanks to the innovative display technology and bright, clear, seat status indicators; passengers can easily locate a free seat, or find their prebooked seat reservation.

  • Early recognition of seat reservations thanks to bright LED indicators
  • Increased passenger flow efficiency
  • Energy-efficient, cost-effective and high-contrast display technology
  • One display solution for flexible installation situations
  • Seamless integration thanks to versatile customisation options
Our energy-efficient display features the latest display technology to ensure high contrast with maximum readability and minimum power consumption. Text can be displayed in white text on a black background or in black text on a white background. If required, the backlighting can be activated depending on the lighting conditions, to ensure readability in all conditions. The number of seats to be displayed as well as general display content are shown on the full graphic display using customised software, which enables maximum flexibility. Thanks to this modern display technology, the display only requires energy when the display content is changed – a highlight in terms of cost and energy efficiency.

The housing of the display can be customised according to individual application requirements. This guarantees a seamless integration into any train design. The software specifications can also be tailored to individual requirements during the course of the project. Thanks to the flexible display content, reservations can be shown for both single and double seats. Depending on the installation requirements, the display can be rotated by 180° so that the cable can exit to the left or right. Depending on individual needs, the design of the display insert strips can be supplemented with various symbols – so not only can aisle or window seats be clearly identified, but special areas, for example, those for bicycles.

EAO’s seat reservation system was developed for the rail market and fulfils the specific norms and standards. Overall, the EAO seat reservation system represents a comprehensive solution for the requirements of rail transport. From straightforward installation to flexible adaptation to different seating arrangements and design requirements and with a focus on efficiency, we are setting new standards for the future railway travel experience.

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