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Masats will present its latest innovations at the UITP Expo in Barcelona

Masats will be presenting several new public transport accessibility systems for the bus and railway sectors at the UITP summit in Barcelona.

Masats will present its latest innovations at the UITP Expo in Barcelona

In the bus sector

o The all-new RE2 electric ramp
The new RE2 ramp, which is placed on the floor of the bus, enables comfortable access to the vehicle with a single 930 x 850 mm platform. Despite its low weight - only 48 kg - it is tested up to 350 kg. A presence sensor on the edge and on the platform provide for even greater safety. Thus, it’s a quick and reliable ramp which can also be operated manually.

o The all-new 028d sliding door
It is a product suitable for all vehicles, but specially developed for vehicles with little clearance at the top, including autonomous or double-decker vehicles. The engine is easily accessible, which facilitates the maintenance of the vehicle. The door has been designed and developed for sustainability, meaning the significant weight reduction of 20% helps reduce vehicle fuel consumption and generate less waste at the end of its life cycle.
The combination of harmonious movement and perfect airtightness of the new sliding door also achieves a high level of passenger comfort. Additionally, predictive maintenance can be done with the built-in Masats Evolution electronics, resulting in increased availability and lower life-cycle costs.

o Inward Sliding door 029i
Masats will also be showing the 029i inward sliding door for urban vehicles at its stand. This quick-action door comes with next-generation Evolution electronics for extraordinary self-diagnosis, ready for predictive maintenance.

In Railway sector:

o The UITP Innovation Tour has chosen Masats' new adaptable platform screen doors (PASD) for their innovative and flexible concept.
PASD doors offer a multi-purpose barrier with a revolutionary system that is able to create the door opening in the right position to adjust to the corresponding train door. Thus, operators can provide commercial service on platforms where trains with different configurations operate. The system consists of panels aligned at the edge of the platform capable of moving in both directions. As the train communication system transmits the vehicle characteristics to the PASD, the doors open automatically based on the position where the train stops and the distance between doors. This innovative solution improves passenger accessibility and safety in train stations, just as the rest of the extensive line of Masats products and solutions aimed at enhanced safety in public transport.

o One of the accessibility solutions that Masats offers for the railway sector is the RF3+ contactless step ramp. This device is installed on the train and, thanks to its contactless sensor system, detects the position of the platform. It deploys as a ramp, as a step or as a gap filler, based on the signals received. This adaptability covers the different boarding needs at each particular station. Passengers can board without the need for external assistance.

o The electric 00Gb sliding door will also be on display at the stand. It is a quick, safe and reliable door for passenger access to the train.

o Gap Filler GF1 is an automatic extension device that is installed in the station infrastructure and fills the gap between the train and the platform so passengers, especially people with reduced mobility, can access the train safely. There has been immense interest in Gap Filler GF1 ina view to avoiding incidents, especially at stations with curved platforms, where the train-platform distance is even greater.

Masats will present its latest innovations at the UITP Expo in Barcelona

All these new developments to be presented by Masats at the UITP exhibition in Barcelona are very important for enhancing accessibility and safety in public transport. They can be seen at stand 6G204 in Hall 6 in Barcelona.

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