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The ultimate in flexible transportation: FastTrack now also available at DUSS terminal Munich-Riem

VTG is further expanding its established offerings. Already well established at ports such as Rotterdam and Gothenburg, FastTrack is now also going off the blocks at another key European freight node. With immediate effect, the service can also be booked at the DUSS terminal in Munich-Riem.

The ultimate in flexible transportation: FastTrack now also available at DUSS terminal Munich-Riem
  • Container carriers available for ad-hoc transports
  • Bookings can be placed round the clock on online traigo platform

FastTrack maximizes flexibility for customers. Thanks to 24/7 availability, it gives them a fast and easy way to book extra capacity in response to ad-hoc planning needs or unexpected outages. Reliable, high-quality transports are thus guaranteed.

“We have set up a premium service throughout Europe in the shape of FastTrack, and we are thrilled to be adding another attractive location to this network,” says Thomas Dittmann, Head of Digital Products at VTG. “The ability to make wagons available in Munich at short notice and with digital support helps us provide additional capacity to guarantee failsafe transports, most of which would otherwise be carried by road. Besides being a very attractive service for our customers, this also plays a part in realizing the transportation and environmental policy goal off shifting freight off the roads and onto the rails.”

Fast and flexible replacements: Online bookings via traigo in Munich
The DUSS terminal in Munich-Riem is the pivotal hub between Central and Southern Europe, bundling transports to and from Italy in particular. It is thus a central transshipment point for numerous operators and hosts a large number of railway companies. Starting now, customers at this terminal can go online and book single wagons (90-foot container carriers) for maritime and continental transports at any time of the day or night. VTG’s digital rail freight offerings are pooled under, giving customers central access to digital fleet management.

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