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E-mobility is on the rise - and with it new requirements for associated car transporters. DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung is also currently involved in the conversion of car transport wagons.


By mid-2023, more than 800 Laaers 560 car transport wagons of DB Cargo Logistics, DB Cargo specialist for automotive logistics, will be converted. Three other conversion service providers are involved in the project. In the competition, DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung secured by far the largest share, particularly due to the time-critical nature of the project and the large capacities available. The first wagons have already been successfully completed.

Time saving for customers
Because the car transport wagons are converted in Germany, the wagon retention periods, that is the duration of the wagon conversion including the factory stay and supply time, are particularly short compared to the competition away from the wagons' operational relations. The wagons can be successively fed in and used again.

"We have entrusted a large part of the conversion of the car transport wagons to DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung because of the good cooperation as well as the technological prerequisites and large capacities at the Paderborn maintenance depot," says Tomasz-Jakub Paczesny, Head of Vehicle Projects at DB Cargo.

DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung was not only able to convince through its competitiveness. "In addition to the appropriate infrastructure and the necessary technology, we also have competent employees with the right know-how," Oliver Ditrich, head of the Paderborn maintenance depot, praises the team.

Synergies between conversion and revision are considered
"We have handed over so many wagons to DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung because it makes it possible to link the conversion with other planned maintenance measures in a sensible and economical way," explains Paczesny.

The conversion is necessary to improve work safety and to adapt the wagon to changed customer requirements regarding the loading of e-vehicles. This makes the wagons not only safer for transport and loading after the conversion, but also easier to handle. In addition, DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung, in particular the Paderborn maintenance depot, stands out due to its industrial cycle production.

"We have the capacity to convert a large number of vehicles," says Ditrich. "With our special infrastructure, we are optimally equipped for large series in freight wagon conversion." He continues: "We are also able to convert vehicles in large numbers in a short time. That is our unique selling point."

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