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São Paulo’s Metro Line 4 fully opens with Siemens Mobility digital CBTC technology

Siemens Mobility digitalized CBTC technology installed across entire 15 km of track,11 stations, and 29 trains.

São Paulo’s Metro Line 4 fully opens with Siemens Mobility digital CBTC technology

ViaQuatro has successfully begun full operation of São Paulo’s entire Metro Line 4 with Siemens Mobility’s Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) signaling. Since its first stretch opened in 2010, it has been the first fully automated metro line in South America that can operate with GoA 4, the highest grade of automation that allows trains to be automatically controlled and operated. The digitalized and optimized system allows for a more efficient and centralized control of operations, while also increasing the safety, availability, and capacity across the entire network.

Also known as “the Yellow Line,” Line 4 will be able to carry up to one million passengers per day. Originating at the main railway station “Estação da Luz” and recently extended until “Vila Sônia,” the line spreads over 15 km, using a fleet of 29 trains to connect 11 stations. The line is operated by ViaQuatro, one of the companies of CCR Mobilidade, the division responsible for all urban mobility projects of the CCR Group in Brazil.

"The full operation of Line 4-Amarela is a historic milestone in our efforts to expand and modernize the metro-rail system in São Paulo, and to offer a modern and increasingly reliable service to the passengers of ViaQuatro. We are pleased that Siemens Mobility will continue to contribute significantly to this end," said Francisco Pierrini, CEO of ViaQuatro and ViaMobilidade.

“We are proud to have partnered with ViaQuatro on this landmark project. São Paulo’s Line 4 has been the most innovative metro line in Latin America and our state-of-the-art digitalized technology can provide up to one million passengers per day with an enhanced passenger experience that features increased safety, reliability, and availability,”
said Andreas Facco Bonetti, CEO Siemens Mobility Brazil and Region Latin America.

Since 2007, Siemens Mobility has been working with ViaQuatro to install digital signaling solutions, including CBTC-UTO (GoA4 driverless) Trainguard MT, telecommunication on board, train-to-track, interlocking-SICAS, VICOS and SCADA systems. The digitalized system will allow ViaQuatro to safely increase the number of vehicles on Line 4, and the greater frequency of train arrivals will give them the capacity to accommodate more passengers on the system. Additionally, the ability to continuously receive updates on system status will improve operational efficiency, resulting in fewer delays and more up-to-date travel information.

Siemens Mobility has been a technology provider for CCR Mobilidade for many years. This includes recent projects for signaling and electrification of the metropolitan Lines 8 and 9 in São Paulo, as well as advanced technology for two surface Metro Lines (GoA2) in Salvador, Bahia.

The Siemens Mobility CBTC solution Trainguard MT is the most extensively deployed automatic train control system in the world and is used by many operators, including Paris, Beijing, New York, London, Hong Kong, and Buenos Aires.

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