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Double-decker trains may be launched on the Moscow Central Circle

More than 5.5 years have passed since the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) started operating. Before the launch, people did not believe in the MCC relevance, but today the passenger traffic exceeds 550 thousand people per day and the infrastructure is working at its maximum capacity.

Double-decker trains may be launched on the Moscow Central Circle

The launch of the double-decker trains will increase the circle capacity, create more space and more seats - trips will become even more convenient.

The technical specifications for the new generation double-decker electric train take into account all modern passenger needs according to the Moscow Transport standards: bicycle carriers, charging stations for electric scooters, USB and TYPE-C ports for gadgets charging, wireless charging capability, restrooms with changing tables, special seats for passengers with disabilities, touch screens.

Successful experience with the introduction of wider doors in Ivolga and Moscow-2020 trains has shown the effectiveness of speeding up passengers boarding and disembarking, so the design of the new train will take this important indicator into account, as well as the possible increase in the number of doors up to three in the car.

«We are working on the special technical requirements for the new rolling stock. It will be 100% the product and development of the domestic manufacturers. The creation of the double-deck electric train will strengthen the country's economy: it will provide manufacturers with new orders, push market participants to organize additional production, create jobs, the need to acquire new competences and improve the quality of equipment, creating a favorable environment for import substitution, developing industrial potential and supporting the economy in the period of sanctionary influences. And, of course, it will increase the comfort of our passengers, which is our main task», – noted Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport.

The MCC was launched in 2016, its length is 54 km, there are 31 stations, and 23 metro interchanges are among them. Passenger traffic at the MCC and the Moscow Central Diameters not only recovered from the pandemic but has also increased since 2019.

A total of 242 pairs of Lastochka trains on weekdays and 211 pairs on weekends run on the MCC per day. The capacity of the Lastochka train is 1.500 passengers. At peak hours, an electric train runs every 4 minutes and at non-peak hours – every 8 minutes.

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